Overall Development v/s Marks, Marks, Marks – Riya Talwar


Don’t run behind success, run behind excellence….success is surely going to follow.

– 3 Idiots

Marks aren’t the only things in life. Overall development of the personality is also a necessity in this world and you have to develop it from the beginning itself.



Life of students these days is enthralling. Do you know what makes it so fascinating? I am sure you do! It’s the scoreboard which there lives have turned into, where they are knowingly or unknowingly competing with each other day in and day out, to get higher marks. Isn’t it captivating? For those out there who think it is, it’s time to change your mindset, because its better late than never! For others who are sheer hypocrites, pretending not to be part of the former crowd so as to be in your own self-defined good books yet constantly indulging in these scoreboard practices, its high time that you also stop getting involved in this. For the rest who aren’t part of this game’s scoreboard-either as a participant or as the team of the participant, I truly appreciate and respect you all for this and I hope you never intend to become one over the coming span of time.

Some of you or rather most of you stand there puzzled as to what I am trying to portray by this game scenario. Well, right from the day a child’s schooling starts, this game which I have been referring to begins. With the child being a participant who is either willingly participating or he is just acting as a representative of his team consisting of his teachers, parents or guardian. And, as per the rules and regulations of the game, the participant who scores the most will achieve the topmost rank on the scoreboard and will be declared as the winner.

That’s exactly the vision we have been trying to infuse in the students since ages. We are convincing them to believe that if you want to secure your future and career, you ought to run behind marks. And for students with all those expectations tied up, the race to get higher and higher marks seems never ending. Right from the beginning of schooling to graduation – at each step they are being told that ‘ it’s all about grades!’. When they are forced to think in this direction, more often than not they tend to mug up what is being taught. We can’t really blame them for this! What else can we expect them to do when our education system itself is designed in such a manner wherein emphasis lies on rote-learning. Even the examination pattern has been shaped in a way wherein it tests a student’s ability to mug up things rather than actually testing their knowledge. The system in fact demands students to run behind marks by defining these so-called crucial stepping stones such as 10th board exams, 12th board exams and entrance exams to get into renowned universities, graduating from which they will finally be able to get a good job. This system is solely responsible for dragging the students and their parents into this vicious cycle of education where foremost importance is given to Marks, Marks and only Marks!

People around , as a consequence of this underlying education system are becoming so judgmental these days that they keep judging a student by his or her marks irrespective of the knowledge they possess. On top of that, the students continue struggling to cope up with this constant pressure of competence and comparison. They try their best to fulfill the dreams of their family. At the same time, they even have to match the expectations of the society. As a result, students start neglecting their own mental and physical development. They end up accepting the system the way it is. Those who are able to adapt to this education system manage to get high marks and enjoy their years of glory and pride till graduation. Since their teachers, family and the society are all content with their performance. Apparently for them there is a direct relationship between performance and marks. But this glory is transient! After graduation, when these students sit for interviews they happen to face the reality. It is then when they come to know what actually the recruiters are looking for in them. The recruiters do consider the grades of the graduate but it is surely not the only thing they value. They expect much more from a graduate! They are looking for enthusiastic, curious, persevering, intelligent, creative young minds who also have the ability to showcase efficient leadership skills and also knows how to work in a team. So, basically they consider the overall personality of the person. But, this is where these students lack. Their young minds have already been so exhausted with mugged up facts or the theoretical stuff, that there is hardly any space left to originate ideas and innovate. Many even fall short of self-confidence and regardless of they being asked something they are very good at, they hesitate. Some panic, have a nervous breakdown, some aren’t able to fluently converse in English and express themselves. This doesn’t surprise me anymore and neither you should be astonished by this. Since all this while their marks were sufficient to speak for their intellect but now all of a sudden they get to see a drastic change wherein someone keeps their mark sheet aside and starts interacting with them directly.

Thus, what needs to be equally focused upon is the overall development of students. Overall development of a child involves intellectual, academic, physical, language, emotional and social development. For students, schools are ‘A home away from home’. Hence, schools play a vital role in influencing a child’s overall development. Schools ensure that children meet their full intellectual and academic potential. But apart from academic performance, they should also encourage participation of students in extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities can foster lifelong appreciation and interests, preparing a young person for life in ways that beyond academic success’

Students should be given the freedom to team up and form clubs so that they can pursue their hobbies and passion. This will indeed provide platforms for their hidden talents. Also, it will help them discover their interests. Schools should also organize healthy competitions to develop competitiveness amongst students. Taking part in elocution and debates will enhance their oratory skills. Involvement of students in sports is essential to maintain health and physical fitness. With establishment of student councils, class monitors, group leaders, club representatives, schools develop leadership skills in students. Schools provide an environment for students to mingle with peers. Such interactions establish social and emotional maturity in students.

Students who get involved in such activities have greater opportunities to develop character, critical thinking skills, social skills and talents. They learn the importance of teamwork, responsibility, commitment and hard-work.’

Having said that, if every school starts investing for the overall development of a young child, it will surely maximize their future well-being.

Its easier to build up a child than to repair an adult.’

School Life: An Ocean of Memories – Esha Maken


Another writer reminiscing about her school days. A lighter article after such heavy ones. Those who are fresh out of school will surely enjoy reading these musings.


“School life!” These are not just two words but they include the most beautiful era of one’s life. How interesting life is! The same place where one cries to go at some point of his life, the same is the place for which the same person craves for going at some other point of his life. School life is such a phase which explains us very practically how we do not value the things we have with us and then suddenly after parting from that thing, we just recall, evoke and recollect attaining nothing but memories!
I would like to abridge these feelings of echoing memories into this short poem
of mine:

Sweet Melodies Were Those Days!
Sweet melodies were those days,
That we spent at our school all say,
Sometimes fun, sometime studies,
But best of all were the buddies!
Tired of Exams and books,
We just wished to leave school’s every corner and nooks,
We awaited long for vacations,
But never were ready to welcome tensions.
The school finally ended and the vacations started,
It seemed as if all our wishes had been granted!
But we were wrong, we were wrong,
We missed the school life that was a melodious song.
Missing the school badly,
And remembering all the memories sadly,
Why time takes a leap?
Why the eyes weep?
Why the memories heart keep?
NO ANSWER ever I got,
Even searching a lot!
But one thing I will always say,
Sweet melodies were those days!!!…
-Esha Maken

Yes, the school life was such a sweet melody that we can sing along every time
we dive into the depths of nostalgia and we will end up with a smile on our face
and may be wet eyes too sometimes.
Do you remember the day when you entered your school for the first time? May
be your answer would be a “NO” and if I ask do you remember the day when
you left your school? Definitely, it would be a “YES”. This is the bitterness of
life. It gives all the beautiful gifts without your being able to notice it and it offers all the challenges right at your face. This is the case with our school life too. The most beautiful gift of being a part of our school and the first day of the same is totally without our knowledge, we are not even aware about what is happening with us and then finally when over the number of years we start loving the place, it is already too late to take a pause and then we have to move forward no matter what we feel deep inside, no matter whether we are ready for it or not, no matter how much we crave not to leave.
It is only this phase of life what we call as school life where we can think and
imagine about all the weird stuffs with our friends ridiculously seriously and
still feeling proud for thinking upon such stuffs. For instance, during school life, every student would have once thought of being a saviour of his fellow students if the school faces any kind of threat from terrorists or may be an earthquake. Such is the innocence level of the students at school that we just think we can be anything and in our imaginations we are already on a different level of being that and what more? Our dearest friends trust us in that too with their full support on the back!
So as we start talking about the friends, let me put some of my words into
poetry for my friends too.

Yesterday had a reverie
Yesterday again I was dreaming,
I was literally beaming,
I had a trance of blooming with joy,
And no one was there to annoy.
I saw myself walking in a wonderland,
And yeah I was not alone,
There were my closest alter egos to get along,
We were running, chasing, laughing, screaming,
We did not know about worries or tensions,
What we wished to get was just attention,
Attention for getting sweets and chocolates,
Chocolates and we were the closest mates.
Suddenly a wind blustered all round,
Now we were no more in a wonderland,
Now we were not together found,
We all were in the search of an end.
Ouch!- To me something prickled,
I woke up from the hallucination,
I thought and thought and thought,
What was that dream all about?
I realized soon it was my own life’s story,
They were me and my friends,
Now searching for different ends,
We are no more with each other but still are together.
We were, we are and will always be there for one another,
For us the distance will never ever bother,
This is just for all of you my closest friends,
I will always be there to offer my hand.
-Esha Maken

School life teaches us a lot. It is the foundation of our whole life, the way we
will tackle the life and its challenges.
If we start enlisting the memories of school life, one book can be written on it
and as the memories are so sweet, you never know when that book turns out to
be the Best Seller! Ah! Day-dreaming muse us so kindly!
Let us talk about our dearest and most reverent teachers now. I know school life
never made us think about teachers and their contributions as we were always
busy with doing the home work they assigned us! But I am very sure that we
have realised their value after coming to college. College life has actually made us think how the school teachers always kept us pampered and how they treated us in a child-like manner because after getting admitted to the college, we are suddenly grown-ups, brimming with maturity.

Well, I know that the value of teachers cannot be summed up in any ways.
There is a lot of contribution that they add to our lives and without their
preaching, there cannot be any student dreaming to be a pilot or an engineer or a doctor or an advocate in the future.
“School life” can never be abridged in an essay or a poem or a speech. It is a
very important part of one’s life. No one has ever left the school without a
disheartened feeling. There is always a corner of the heart that longs to be a
school student forever. But this is what life is, it will offers you everything but never ever permanently. Everything in life is temporary, be it anything and so is the school life.
School life is such an ocean of memories that everyone would love to just sink
into rather than float over. The memories of school life are sweet for each and
every student, no matter whether he was a topper at the school or the happy go
lucky student who was the one who got on every teacher’s nerves! Such is the
comeliness of school memories; it attracts you in a way that you will end up
with teary eyes every time you think about them.
No matter how much we love our school life or get nostalgic about the school
memories, we will have to move ahead and that is what life is all about. Just to
console one self, I had written this poem while getting admitted to the college:


The glint will turn to spark,
The life will scare away the dark,
We will grow, we will glow,
Our life will be a Stunning Show!
We are now entering into a new phase,
A step closer for our dreams to chase,
A world of wider knowledge,
A world of high spirits with no edge.
A life to take own decisions,
A life of a combo of fun and tensions,
Its there waiting for us my friends,
Its the college life where our thoughts extends.
Time for a new leap,
To get engrossed in our tasks with grip,
Let’s target now at our high aims,
And then we will meet in future with GREAT NAMES!!
-Esha Maken

This poem just helps me to encourage myself every time I get nostalgic about the school life, it helps me to stay focused and ever moving ahead. I know nothing can replace school life but at the same time nothing can pause time, we have to leave certain things behind in order to chase few waiting for us ahead.
I would like to conclude with the words that “School Memories are the
sweetest of all, they are but just memories!”

Should educational decisions be taken by the government or the educators? – Kriti Upadhyay


An engineer, debater, writer, sports-person and much more. Read along one of our personal favorites in this competition as this writer takes a jibe at the educational system in India and it’s policy making practices.


Disclaimer: All these are personal thoughts and are not meant to offend anyone.


Education is the primary need for the development and overall healthy functioning of any country.  In the Indian context particularly education is of utmost importance because of the kind of history that we have had. Years and years of misguided beliefs and ignorance have led to us believing anything and everything that is imposed on us without really giving it a proper thought. With the kind of importance attached, education, its ways and dimensions have been debated time and again. These debates have their own importance because they compel people to analyze and question their own beliefs. They also provide with several new perspectives on any topic and hence they constantly work with the involvement of the people to bring out the best in any particular argument.

One of the most debated aspects of education is the question about who should be given the authority to make decisions regarding education and the two parties that compete for this authority are the government and the educators of the nation- two very important and also the most deserving of all the institutions that exist in our country. In this article I would primarily focus on three major dimensions of the debate, firstly the status quo that is I would be talking about what is the situation in our country as of now. Secondly I would be talking about the kind of role that both these stakeholders- government and educators play in our country’s education system and thirdly I would discuss who, according to me, is the right authority for a field as wide and as crucial as education.

Beginning from where we stand right now, I would first like to discuss in simple terms about the kind of setup that we see around us for making any particular education decision. The simple division that we need to keep in mind here is that of the school level education and higher education. In case of school level education, there are several major institutes that take majority of the decisions. Apart from government, these institutes consist of several private firms, individuals, religious institution such as missionaries etc. As far as school level education is considered, the balance of power between the government and the educators is more or less equal. Government has decided fixed curriculum for government funded schools but the private schools always have an option regarding the kind of decisions they want to make, the curriculum and other rules and regulations.

In case of school level education we see a clear demarcation between the state run schools and the private schools. The private schools enjoy greater respect and popularity among the masses. The government schools, in spite of being very affordable aren’t thought to be very good, at least among the middle class and the upper middle class population because they doubt the quality of education. If we analyze the primary reason for this then we would find that there is an inherent flaw in the way the government schools are running, there is no check on the power of the school administration. Without going further in the flaws, we can still, very easily understand that both educators and the government has failed in doing their duty properly. On one hand, the educators who enjoy more perks and more freedom than the private school educators ignore their responsibility and on the other hand the government turns a blind eye to the flaws that exist.

In the case of higher education, the situation is quite the opposite. Admission to the government funded institutes are coveted by millions in the country. The acceptance rates to the national and central universities is hence very less. The government invests in these institutes and the quality of education is the best that is offered in our country. Technical and research institutes have been developed with the purpose of adding quality and skilled manpower to the nation’s asset. These institutes thus witness a very active participation by both the government and educators alike and hence are appreciated all over the world.

The roles that are played by both these stakeholders are very important, both have their own value, none of which can be undermined, the proportion of which, though, can certainly be decided. The role of the educators is very plain and obvious, they are the ones who have the experience of this field. They are the much-needed base of the whole system and it is because of them that any concrete education system exists in any country. Apart from knowing the subjects, they know how to teach and mold the young minds. They know what requires to be done to impart knowledge and hence hold a very respectable position in the society. Teaching as a profession has always been considered to be one of the most noble as the responsibility of building the society is largely in the hand of the educators.

The government in a democratic country like ours is a representative of the people and hence making the government a part of decision-making is equivalent to involving the people that it represents. In the field of education where public is huge stakeholder, the involvement of government guarantees fair representation to the voice of the people. The people through the government get a say in the various aspects that they think is relevant to any common man’s life. In the case of education, there can be matters of the medium of instruction, the topics that need to be taught, how the topics need to be chosen keeping in mind the ethnicity, religion, region, language and several other factors.

Having analyzed the topic from so many dimensions, if we now try to draw a conclusion as to who should make the educational decisions then we can intuitively suggest some results. First and foremost conclusion that I personally drew would be regarding the importance of having both the government and the educators in the decision-making setup. As we discussed the role of both of them, we certainly did realize that giving absolute power to any of them would lead to an incomplete setup which would fail to contribute to the development of the nation. Secondly, both of these can work in two ways. They can either choose to ignore their duties and be partners in the same or they can keep a check on each other, maintaining a healthy relationship while working for the betterment of the country.

The decision-making process should thus be a very subjective one. We need to have a model wherein the government and the educators both have a say. Educators definitely know what decision would be in the best interest of education. However, when the government would participate then it would, by acting on behalf of the public, add credibility to the decisions and then these decisions would not be taken in isolation. They would be able to incorporate the views and opinions of a large part of the population. The major obstacle that we need to overcome here would be to try and see to it that at no point is the decision-making politicized. This basically means that the role and intent of the government should remain the same irrespective of the ruling party’s agenda. The agenda should not have an impact on the process or else we would be ignoring the interests of so many people. So the practical way to go about it would be to have a conditional autonomy given to a body of educators. These educators should be politically neutral, that it should not give any relevance to political ideologies while formulating plans and making decisions.

The conditional autonomy would ensure that the government would have a say in the decision-making process when and if there is a requirement but would protect the body of educators from any unnecessary political influence that might have unwanted ramifications in the public discourse. The only motive that needs to be kept in mind that education should be a tool for the nation to grow, for the society to build itself and for an individual to explore and contribute to all humanity. Any idea that fails to abide by this motive needs to be discarded and should have no place for either the educators or the government. The need of the hour is a well thought of, duly constructed education system that imbibes in itself the values of selflessness, humanity and knowledge.

Relationships and their effects on youth – Arnav Saha


Arnav Saha describes himself as just another one of us learning to live life. A great entrepreneur by nature this Bengali isn’t sweet but is a great critic of life. Read ahead to find out what this to be engineer thinks about relationships and stuff.

The writer has beautifully portrayed the problems of relationships and how to cope up with such issues. The thing here to understand is that guys and girls…. There is always a time for each and every thing in life. You shouldn’t just take things fast. Education is the foremost priority at this stage in your life. All the other stuff will follow later on.

P.S.: I just can’t understand why engineers are so obsessed with relationships?? – Akk


Someone once said –

There is a tide in the affairs of men.

Which, taken at the flood,

Leads on to fortune;

Omitted, all the voyage of their life

Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

On such a full sea are we now afloat.

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Relationships and their effects on youth – Khushboo Lakhwani


Khushboo Lakhwani… as the name says, fragrancing the world from 19 years… studying Electrical Engineering in PDPU. I laugh crinkly and live simply…


Truly said… Every day in our routine lives, we come across a massive number of people with whom we share diverse relationships. Some are solid, others are delicate. Some active, other passive. Some earnest, other dispassionate.

To sum up one person is compassed by plentiful of relations. A relation affects you either affirmatively or negatively.

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School Life : an ocean of memories – Jyoti Gadhvi


A medico by the profession and a writer by inspiration. Hear out thoughts from a to be doctor about her school days. School is a place which inspires you, motivates you and lads you on the way. Going to school isn’t an option or compulsion but a devotion. Get lost in this article remembering your school days.


“No one can look back on his school days and say with truth that they were altogether unhappy.”
Isn’t that so true? Yes, it is…!

Ah…! those school days, it’s delightful to start recollecting them with a little rhyme.
Let’s plunge together in ocean

Of memories,
are you ready to take bath in

Childhood reveries?
So here I go with my boats of thoughts to span the depth of this vast ocean with waves of school memories.

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Relationships and their effects on Youth – Rhea Gupta


An ambivert by nature, a young girl who is inspired by life and loves reading and writing in her free time.



I wish you were a dream,
As dreamy as a unicorn,
As ethereal as a house of chocolate,
But mostly as make-believe as a dream…
Then I wouldn’t have to regret every moment spent, rather wasted,
In those arms of yours that won’t let go,
Filled with those forged promises to stay by me,
And how you made me believe with each kiss on my cheek that you cared for me,
And as you planted your lips on mine, you said ‘I love you.’
Ha! Those words. Which once made my day, made me feel special. Are just another nightmare that doesn’t let me sleep.

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Esha Maken

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