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Know Your College – P.D.P.U. – Khushboo Lakhwani

Khushboo Lakhwani is an electrical engineering student at P.D.P.U. She shares her experience of two years with her with us today. She has written earlier for the platform too during the Originating Ideas Writing Competition.

“It is just for the rich spoiled brats”, this is what I read about my college on the Quora app and decided not go there anytime as I am not spoiled and definitely not that rich!!

But I decided to attend the counselling procedure because the university stands 55th in India and 1st in Gujarat according to NIRF, and Mukesh Ambani is the chairman. And then if not only did it’s stupefying campus modify my thoughts for university, the people here also did.

HOSTEL LIFE – the best experience!!

Admission process was done, I was already captivated and brainwashed by the greenery here.

And so I selected electrical engineering as my stream here, let me start with hostel part- I being a non-gujarati received utmost love from Gujju people, they are so sweet with their actions, language and everything, a lovely and hearty welcome is what I experienced.

Other than rooms which are worth spending for, the hostel is equipped every single facility. We enjoy so much by celebrating birthdays, end of exams, beginning of new semester and every single delight moment.



Now, the main heart of the college the classes are air-conditioned, the faculty and staff is supportive and you can learn so many things if you want to, trust me on that. There is the 80% attendance rule that would drag you to classes for some initial days after which you would willingly go there and this would turn into a routine but don’t worry you won’t be bored on any day, as campus has so much to offer.

COLLEGE CAFETERIA (a place I love)


So, we have a huge cafeteria space where we get breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner, so much of food; the food is okay, brilliant on weekends but the staff they live to serve you.

Refer my answer:


This happens just in PDPU!

Sit, eat, go to college, eat and repeat.



We have magnificent cricket, volleyball and football grounds, basketball and lawn tennis courts, space for table tennis, badminton, etc.

So alluring is the beauty of university is that I spent first week just appreciating the place and admiring entire campus and after one year there, I still haven’t visited all of it.

We have benches kept in shades at each corner to sit, talk, laugh, share and make friends!!


Then there is wifi bench where you can catch best wifi speed and of course the most essential place in college is:

The Lakshman Rekha:

Wondering what is it, it’s the place outside girls hostel beyond which boys are not allowed, here you get morning hugs, good night gestures and again morning meet ups. You can sit for hours together with your friends, this place has such affirmative vibes.



We have a splendid auditorium in campus where most events take place, its huge, it’s captivating.

About the clubs:

Our college has a club about everything say it singing, dancing, cooking, photography, literature, coding etc. Name a hobby of yours and we have club for it, these clubs are just as icing over the cake of the college experiences.


The most wonderful days of my 1 year in college were Petrocup and Flare days. They leave you spellbound, so much talent in 3 days of flare(cultural fest) and petrocup(sports fest) makes you feel you are between the right bunch of people, and if you have some talent to showcase there, numerous opportunities await for you.

And coming back to square one, coming to PDPU was the best decision for me, hope it helps you too.

Oh I forgot to mention these little friends you get there…

Know Your College – UWSL – Esha Maken & Shreya Ahuja

Order…Order !! Words we have only heard in the movies but they experience them everyday. We have another college from the field of law today. United World School of Law. One of the writers’ writing (Esha Maken) has been published before on our website and the other Shreya Ahuja is on the platform for the first time. Let’s see what this lawyered duo has in store for us.


The sprawling campus


‘Law’ as a career after 12th is not a quotidian and when it comes to legal education we don’t have many world-class colleges. And among the handful colleges which provide ‘world-class’ legal education, comes ‘United World School of Law’.
UWSL also awarded as the Fastest emerging law school of India, has a short history of 3 years but a long list of achievements in this short period.

Some Pictures of the Campus

It is located in Gandhinagar and has a lush green campus.The campus is so beautifully designed, that as you enter the University the vibes of positivity follow you. As the college comes under Karnavati campus, students get to interact with other students of different fields like dentistry, management, fashion and mass media.
Starting from education, legal studies in UWSL is not just mugging up articles and sections of statutory law. But the expert faculties from around the world makes the learning more of a practical education. For college is in association with many foreign universities, students here get opportunity to have guest lectures from the experts of particular field. UWSL also takes keen interest in placements and arranges internship at top law firms for its students for which it has separate placement department.

MUNs, Mock Court Trials, Seminars are a common affair

As Law schools are known for activities, UWSL has always taken intiative to arrange large number of activities for its students. Activities like Moot Court, MuN, debate, quiz are conducted on regular basis. Also, all this is organised by the committee having students and teachers.

Some Pictures of the activities held

Students of UWSL takes part enthusiastically in the cultural fest of Karnavati University.
Hostel is located in the campus with all the facilities for accommodation, food and security.

There are 2 canteens for all the students in University providing tasty and healthy food.
Since law affects the life of all the individuals, students from United World arrange legal camps to provide legal education to underprivileged people.
UWSL is a promising institute, where students and teachers both work together for the progress of students, University and our nation ‘India’, which need some great lawyers for the progress.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Know Your College – Nirma Tech – Shivam Patel

Shivam Patel – one of our very own writers’. He doesn’t ned any introduction. He writes about Institute of Technology, Nirma University today. Read on to find out what he has to say about it.

Randomly walking amidst seemingly never ending lush green trees chasing the patches of sunlight which peep through them – is an experience which any Nirma student could relate to. Situated as a part of 125 acre campus of Nirma University, the Institute of technology offers Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) degree programme in the following 8 engineering disciplines :

  1. Computer
  2. Information Technology(IT)
  3. Electrical
  4. Mechanical
  5. Civil
  6. Chemical
  7. Electronics and Communication(EC)
  8. Instrumentation and Control (IC)

Masters of technology (M.Tech programmes) are also offered from all 8 departments with some along with their sub specialisation. PhD programs is also offered more over the topic of study is based upon the availability of the guide.
The college campus is divided into 6 Blocks namely A, B, C, D in which the different departments are located along with W the Mechanical Workshop and K Block is the canteen.

The layout of the campus is symmetric. We have a huge Amphitheatre, a cricket ground, facilities for Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball and Football, a separate Building – “Student Activity Centre” which is house to indoor games like – Chess and Table Tennis.


Student Activity Centre

However, it is worth mentioning that Nirma is quite strict and rigid about its rules and hence obtaining permission for playing these sports could be a challenging task. We also have a gym. The campus has in all 3 canteens – One is the K canteen and canteens of Institute of Law and Pharmacy. These canteens are purely vegetarian and serve a variety of food which also include Chinese and good Punjabi food along with several other items in addition they are quite neat and clean and hence became the ideal place to hang out.


One of the labs

Also, the respective blocks have their own well-equipped laboratories along with proper and an assisting staff. The institute has a commom library which contains various technical and non-technical books and the system of issuing and returning is very methodical hence enabling the students in a richer study experience. This leads us to the actual academics of the institute which is pretty rigorous. The attendance expected is 85% in all courses which is pretty high, though only less 65% would get you detained – Nirma is extremely strict about attendance. Moreover, the syllabus of the various branches is designed so that the student is at par with colleges of National Importance. We have 3 examinations per semester : ClassTest, mid-sems and Semester-End each of them have considerable impact in the final grade of the subject. To incorporate innovation in learning all subjects taught have an innovative assignment associated with it in which students are expected to present something innovative based on the coursework they did. For the post graduate students focus in encouraging them to pursue research by arranging expert talks. Though the research work in the college by students is quite less, due to some brilliant and highly motivated professors so students do get opportunities. Placements here are managed pretty well thanks to the III Cell(Industry Institute Interaction Cell) a lot of multinational companies(like Intel, Amazon) as well huge national companies come here for placements.


One of the many seminars

With this said, it doesn’t at all mean that Nirma is a place only for geeks. We have an amazing student community. The interactions between seniors and juniors is so free that we never feel there is any age difference. The student communities have amazing clubs- like RCNI, ISTE, AUGEN, IEEE, CSI etc which include technical clubs, cultural clubs, hobby clubs. They round the year organize various events like quizes, 100s of different and innovative competitions. All the major clubs have their own Grand Fest. During these fests the campus is decorated by the students added with workshops games, competitions, food stalls ,amazing concerts and endless fun filled memories. Then there is NUzeal (The college cultural fest) in which we have singing, dance, drama, poetry and many other competitions to nurture those talents in the students. Its like every other month there is major fest of some club and the campus is full of life. There is Annual Sports day where we have inter-branch, inter-institute competitions. On the technical side of things Nirma has been leading participant in robot making contests such as Robocon, SAE-BAJA, etc. on the national level hence a lot of faculty support, encouragement and huge funding is given to the students. Hence, whomsoever you may be whatsoever your interests may be Nirma has got you covered through the club activities all year long.

The college for its B.Tech student doesn’t have hostel facilities hence the students stay in PGs and various hostels nearby and in the city. To compensate this Nirma has one of the biggest college bus network with over 40 buses spanning entire Ahmedabad and some parts of Gandhinagar. Meanwhile, for the M.Tech and PhD students they have hostel faculties which admit on merit and at time first cum first serve basis. The buses, hostels, canteens, classrooms, lawns, campus everything is very clean and sincere effort is made by the cleaning staff who work 3 shifts a day. Talking about the experience over all it’s an amazing one. No doubt rules are pretty strictly followed and attendance sometimes hinders us from being part of the amazing stuff that happens on campus, the last days of the semesters are absolutely tiring and yes we have concept of extra lecture like tuitions in Nirma too! Yet it is a memorable experience to be here, to study here and out of everything really adore the amazing group of people and ideas which originated from here.

Important links:
The Website : http://www.nirmauni.ac.in/
Admissions: http://www.nirmauni.ac.in/ITNU/BTECHAdmission

Know Your College – L.J. Institute – Naisargi Joshipura

L.J.I.E.T – Not Just a Name.

We have a known writer who also has written before for our platform. She was a winner in the Originating Ideas Writing Competition that we had held in December. She is back again telling us about L.J. Institute of Engineering. Let’s read what she has to say about this college…..

College, it’s a haven of feelings and experiences. Also, it’s a way to discover the endless opportunities waiting to shape us up in a building. It’s where life awaits a new us. More so, it’s self-explanatory and with welcoming arms always.

My college, LJIET Ahmedabad ranks among the top GTU-affiliated universities. The sprawling campus is home to ignited minds. The institute’s main aim has always been all-round development of the individual. The teaching methodology is at par and has delved a lot in the students’ overall academic performance. Toppers in GTU are synonymous to LJ students. The labs, the technology used, the equipment and the help received by teachers are all beneficial in achieving conceptual success related to studying. The time span of the institute stretches from 8:45 a.m. to almost 2 p.m., but there is allowance for students to remain after teaching hours to clear some of their doubts, readiness of professors is always there whenever students ask doubts after lecture hours. LJIET undoubtedly provides homely experience when it comes to teaching. There are internal exams taken twice, and the marks-criteria isn’t that arduous.

Speaking of the fun parts, the LJIET has an actively-interesting Students Community. It is called LJSC, the full form being L.J. Students’ Corner. The LJSC community organizes special days-celebration in the semesters, Interactive and fun Quizzes based on various famous shows or anything publicly tangible and manages the college magazine, LFA. The LFA is managed by various organizers for the funding and various writers. LFA stands for L.J. Fetialis Aevum. LFA is conducted through a writing competition where those interested for being features as writers in the magazine, send their write-up to the e-mail ID concerned with the magazine. The editors and core team of LJSC and LFA decide the best out of the submitted entries. LFA itself is highly Interactive with the students. Students of all semesters have their articles published in it. LJSC also plays a key role in various events, the coveted Annual Function being one among many. LJSC is rightly the “Rainbow of LJIET”.


Cultural Nights

Hangouts, Bunks and getting caught are a given when it comes to colleges. And LJIET proudly isn’t an exception. There are hangout places like the main ground situated in the midst of LJ campus, the quaint little café joints just outside and even the stairs of the facing college, LJ Institute of Architecture. Students often sit there and engulf themselves in the long prevalent trend ~ #Selfie , #Groupie and many creative hashtags of the related activities. The hangout places mentioned herein are never empty of crowds. Also, the Chinese food shack near the LJIET is a huge attraction to the crowd.

Hostel facility isn’t available but students often put up information related to guest homes on some notice boards available near the Admin Office. Speaking of which, I must not forget to mention the admin office. The staff is extremely generous in helping and shares bits of information in getting our work done easily.

LJIET has shone bright in many GTU competitions. “Black Hawk” – mechanically driven car has been on the upfront of students shining bright in GTU related activities. LJIET’s optimum opportunities for the students has made it possible.

I end up saying, with full genuineness, “LJIET is not an institute, it’s an emotion…”

Know Your College – S.E.A.S. – Himol Shah

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Ahmedabad University (Previously known as IET)

Hey everyone, I am Himol Shah, currently studying in 3rd Year ICT at SEAS(formerly IET), AU. In this two years which I have spent here, I have experienced contentment, satisfaction, high spirits, developed true friendship, have got to know people and many more things. I would like to share some facts about my college.

Let me start from Academics.
For B.Tech. 3 courses are taught here:
1) Information and Communication Technology Engineering
2) Mechanical Engineering
3) Chemical Engineering
with ICT getting filled the first, followed by Mechanical and Chemical

All the nervousness, anxiety, anticipation of so many days was washed out and feeling of relief, joy and pleasure took over. It was certainly the only thing, I kept on hoping for in last few days and felt super contended as it happened. From everyone, I consulted, who
were familiar with the background of the college, one thing was for sure, this college offers something unique and in upcoming years it will evolve and get on to a whole new level.

Academics are considered important but not the most important aspect. Project Based Learning is emphasized more rather that covering and completing syllabus. We are given at least one project based on what we are taught in the course. The professors ensure that we apply the theoretical knowledge gained from the course in the
Some projects need interdisciplinary contributions. Like to design a Robot, the mechanical part is take care by Mechanical Engineering students, while the interfacing and software areas are taken care by ICT Engineering students. Students are taught to work on softwares which are currently being used in the industry.

A well-equipped library, located in the basement and on the ground floor creates a perfect environment to encourage learning. Labs are usually open for students to work, learn and research. With equipments costing just over 2 crores, I can proudly say that we have the most upgraded, well invested and resourceful Communications
Research Lab in Gujarat. Frequent seminars delivered by people from the industry or were the part of it once, so as students get to know about recent trends, technologies, what companies expect from employees, work ethics going on in the industry.
Apart from studies, there is an Indoor Sports Room equipped with T.T. Tables, a few Chess Boards and Carrom Boards located in the basement. A grass garden on one of the sides serves a perfect place for a quick football or cricket match.

A canteen on the ground floor is spacious and good food at nominal rates is served. Quality of food is ensured to be good. It really feels like heaven while having tea at 5 in the evening and bread butter at 9 in the morning. As a part of infrastructure, the entire building is centrally A.C. including Canteen and Sports Room. Almost 8 labs including labs of all the departments are well-equipped with top-class machinery. Most of the Research Labs are used by the UG Students.
Talking about the peers, I need to say this: people, I met here thrive for knowledge, help each other no matter what and have great intrinsic motivation to learn new things. Peer-to-peer learning is well practiced here.

P-Club, the programming club is one of the most active students’ club in SEAS. Meetings regularly happen on Wednesdays and quality discussions take place. Students are supported by the professors too and as a part of it, a series of projects undertaken by the professors, the Under Graduate Research Projects are offered to students. So, the UG students can directly become a part of a Research Project and explore the field
from the very beginning of engineering. Professors are very well experienced and well versed in their respective domains. Many of them are researching in their domains.
However, one thing goes without saying: If you don’t have an empty stomach, no one can feed you. The students need to themselves work on and gain knowledge. Spoon
feeding is not done here. Seniors are really supportive and help the juniors in every possible way. Not a single incident of ragging has yet been reported in the
college. Separate hostels for boys and girls are built near the college. Many
students yet prefer to stay in PGs though.

SEAS conducts 3 festivals annually:
1) Ingenium: The Tech Fest
2) Aaghaaz: The Cultural Fest
3) Dynamos: The Sports Fest


In Ingenium, technical workshops, guest seminars, coding competitions, quizzes, hackathons(24 hrs), robot wars and races are conducted. Every year couple of new events is are conducted. Aaghaaz is an exciting one. Students perform and showcase their talents in front of the crowd. Music Bands and performers from across the country are invited to perform as a part of this fest. Last year, Astitva, a Band from Delhi performed in the campus. We also have a rampant music club of our college. Many sports like Shot put, Kabbadi, Tug-of-War, Athletics happen during Dynamos. It is mainly made up of 3 leagues: the Cricket League, Football League and Volleyball League.

Celebration of Navratri and Holi also happen in the college. Once in two years, Food Fest is planned, however, happening of it remains uncertain. As SEAS is the part of Ahmedabad University, students get to access Venture Studio, an organisation which helps and funds startups. Recently, SEAS has become a member of A-League, which is a league of prestigious colleges in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. IIM A, DA-IICT, IIT Gandhinagar are some members of it.


The college is located amidst greenery besides CEPT, just opposite to A.G. Teachers School. The college itself is the GICT Building, the Central Building of Ahmedabad University.

I would also like to list out some aspects which are not up to the par in SEAS. Our in house faculties are best, but we are facing a tough time to engage visiting faculties. Not all visiting faculties are diligent and deliver the course very well. We are still paving the path, so it will take sometime to build a strong reputation. Frequent changes in name of the college have caused hindrance in matters of admission for masters of students.
Concluding, I would like to say that, here at SEAS, you won’t come up as just an Engineering Graduate. You will ​Engineer​ something, develop and innovate something and that’s where the real engineering lies.
An article on SEAS, AU:


We are still young, but we will grow big.

Know Your College – MS University, Vadodara (IFT) – Rashmi Kothari

Hey! I am Rashmi Kothari, currently residing in Vadodara, a 2nd year student of Fashion Communication under IFT (Institute of Fashion Technology) department of MS University.

Hello friends! Are you excited to launch into a new phase of your life: your college life? If yes; then pause your excitement and if no; just get ready for such excitement.
The Maharajah Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara is a public university in Gujarat state. It is the only university in Gujarat whose medium of instruction is English for all courses. It has 14 different faculties, including IFT (Institute of Fashion Technology). It had been graded ‘A’ consistently by NAAC but in the year 2016-17, the grades rolled down to ‘B’. In spite of location of different faculties, it is proven to be as the best one. The M.S. University is known for its education, not only in the Gujarat state but all over the world. Students from different countries approach here, for higher studies.

This was an overall view of MS University.

Separately talking about a particular department is comparative and useful. I am gonna talk about the IFT department, where I study. This is a newly added program, started in 2013-14.

IFT is sub-divided into 3 courses:

  • Fashion Communication
  • Garment Technology
  • Textile and Designing

It is a bachelor degree course. IFT department is built in Home Science campus but is totally different from it. IFT students are trying to create their own identity as an IFTian.


The IFTians

Talking about campus, it is very well structured with its own parking area. The entrance is beautifully colored followed by stairs. It has 12-15 lecture halls including media room, textile designing lab and an Amphitheatre. Frankly speaking, there is no other better place than the Amphitheatre to hangout. All the events of IFT are organized here only. It does not have a working canteen, just a room in the name of canteen. Students visit Home Science canteen. It was started just 4 years ago, so the facilities are not satisfactory and well enough. No proper drinking water facility, no AC, no Wi-Fi, but the surrounding and the environment in the college keep the students intact. It shares its library facility with Home Science department and has sports facilities like football ground, basketball ground in common for the whole University. It also provides hostel facility, to which my experience is almost null.
Now, coming to the faculty and events, professors are very encouraging, motivating and very helpful. They are highly educated and professional. They do call visiting faculty for training purpose and providing practical knowledge in a particular field. They put their efforts to the best advantage. They impart practicality in their subject by organizing workshops, exhibitions. In 1st year, we had a denim workshop, where we had been taught how to make accessories using old denim, clay modeling workshop, film making workshop. We even had a visit to museum and faculty of fine arts.


One of the many projects of the students

If teachers are the trunks, then students are the branches who take education to another level. Students are the key element in an education field. Their strength lies in their unity. Initially, there was no student committee but with the need and requirement, this year we had made a student committee name after our department “IFT Crew”, which consists of more than 150 members. In the short pace of time, they had beautifully managed the Holi festival and hoping for the best in upcoming festival and events. We also celebrated valentine day, turning it into different days like traditional day, tapori day (the featured image) and mismatch day.


The college also organizes educational trip every year. In the previous year, we went to Jodhpur, which was a memorable trip and an experiencing one. Though under Fashion Communication course, we have subjects like craft documentation, which gives you an opportunity to travel across India to hunt for the craft, which is either extinct or on the verge of extinction and do research on it including searching for the ways to promote it. Another subject like technical drawing, exhibition display and design, visual merchandise provide us the practical knowledge.
As Fashion Communication is a practical subject, thus sometimes it may increase the work pressure on the students. Professors are very particular towards the work, assignment and attendance of the student. Though seniors are very supporting and helping, in nature. It brings a good knowledge and experience.

I have lovely friends, helping faculties and supportive seniors. I really enjoy the college days. It is full of fun, knowledge and excitement. Each night brings some curiosity that what will be taught us next. Several opportunities for career are like, visual merchandiser, fashion choreographer, fashion forecaster, accessories designer, fashion retailer, fashion photographer and many more.


Know Your College – BJMC – Jyoti Gadhvi & Khyati Patel

Khyati patel and Jyoti Gadhvi both second year students write about their experiences about Gujarat’s most famous medical college. And as doctors are known for relentless writing this article is kinda long but totally worth it. They have explained each and everything to the point just like on an answer sheet!!

Pictures are lively enough to make you feel in the campus itself. Trust these doctors to bring something dead back to to life. Thanks to Kathan (a second year medico himself).

“You’ve got admission in BJMC Ahmedabad!”

The best words any student could hear after completion of a long journey that had started from 11th science B Group till the end of the very long admission process including the counselling and the declaration of the merit lists, reshuffling and finally paying fees to the admission cell of BJMC!

Well, it’s really a thrilling experience to pursue any medical or paramedical course in B.J. medical college.

After the completion of 12th science every B Group student is clear in their mind mostly that their top most goal would be BJMC only! But the most crucial period is between the counselling and getting final admission, at that time the students are really in a confused state, a roller-coaster of lot of questions run into their minds like

  • “How my new college would be?”
  • “Will I get admission in the college I want?”
  • “How would be the faculty there?”
  • “Will I be able to adapt with the hostel life and more importantly the college life?”
  • “Will I get to know good seniors who would help me out?”

And the list goes on….

The same phase happened with us too, so here we are to help you out and let you out of all the confusions which you might be having before getting admissions and much more about our college.


The main building

Let’s start with the Infrastructure of the college. Well, as our college is in the vast campus of Civil so mostly people find it bit hard for the first time to find the college. But no matter to worry, once you’ll get to know then way is easy and any of the gate of the civil will easily lead you to our college.

Our college is divided into various departments and labs according to the subjects of various years respectively. The main building is having mainly the course of M.B.B.S. and other PG courses. For the rest of the courses there are other buildings of our college in the civil campus only like dental, nursing etc.


The roads to salvation !?

The best thing about our infrastructure is that there’s everything required for the complete study of any subject like the labs, tutorial rooms, lecture theatres an everything is very well-organised.


The corridors where memories are made

Like in the first year we’re having a separate dissection hall offering human cadavers for the study purpose. Likewise, we are also having practical labs for subjects like histology, physiology, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology and rest of the other subjects with well-equipped instruments relevant to the subjects.

The lecture theatres are also huge and air-conditioned and can accommodate 120-250 students.

Then comes the MCQ lab. Yes, we do have a MCQ lab where there are various sets of question papers in the software of our college and at regular intervals our college takes the MCQ exams other than the written and viva exams. This keeps students updated to the upcoming exam patterns like NEET.

With all the well-equipped labs and lecture theatres the most important thing that any student wants to know is how the way the lectures are taken and how the way the faculty is going to teach us. So here’s the answer to that. The lectures are taken either in the morning sessions or in the noon hours depending on your year of pursuing the course. The professors are having their self-made presentations, with all the relevant and useful information and that also with all the relevant figures fetched from not just one but all of the best literature available in that particular subject. The lectures also help you to guide :

  • How to study?
  • What to study?
  • The paper styles of university exams!!
  • How to present your content in an appropriate manner?
  • What has to be there in your answers and what not?

But to gain the benefits of all these things you must be regular with your attendance. Yes, our college is strict about that but in the end its also beneficial.

Exam pattern…

Now lets have some light over the exam schedules and patterns. So our college is taking various exams appropriate with the year and course that you’re pursuing. It includes :

  • Viva
  • Ward end exams
  • Part end exams
  • Internal exams
  • Prelims (Just before university exams)
  • Interactive sessions (In the concerned subjects)
  • Group discussions

On the basis of above mentioned exams our college does the assessment of the internal marks which are going to be added to your university exam scores. The schedules of various exams are regularly being displayed on the notice board of the respective departments.

Faculty : the pillars of every educational institute!”

Then the question that’s obvious before getting into any educational institute is that “How’s the faculty there?” Well, there’s no matter to worry as our college is having the best and well-experienced faculty members here. All the professors here are just not teachers but you can also call them to be human libraries but its up to you that how much you can gain from them.

So as its said that,

“When in doubt go to library and all you have to know is the location of library!”

Here comes the source of information that every college should have so for that our college is having a very good library where you can find various books related to your subject. There are also various reading rooms in our college where students can read the books after getting them issued from the library. Personally saying people study here more than they do at home/hostel.

“Storehouse of memories : college canteen, which not only serves food but also serves you with all the gossips!”

So that’s all about the teaching and study section but infrastructure of every college is incomplete without its storehouse of memories…yes,I’m talking about college canteen!! The place where you not only find the food but also friends and lots of memories to cherish. The canteen serves here good food and its the most hustling-bustling place of the college where lots of events and fun takes place every day.


The most awaited fest of our college!!

Talking about our annual fest BJ Beats, it is the most awaited event of medico multiverse. Students across the state participate in the fest and showcase their talents. Be it music or dance, rangoli or art, poetry or photography, we provide stage to awake latent prosperity of students. Be it inspiration by motivational speakers or good vibes by celebrity and DJ night, it helps us to get rid of our monotonous life and helps us to develop all the facets of life.

The newly built auditorium of our college is also the main platform for every event, seminars,conferences and various other cultural and prize distribution programmes going on in our college which brings out the best out of the students and also helps to set out their hidden talents apart from studies.

“Sports! Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! ”

If you have eaten a lot in canteen, don’t worry and get ready to loose some weight. Because we have our workout place just near the canteen. Being medical professionals, we do believe that we can have a healthy mind only when we have a healthy body. So in the sports section, we have badminton court, table tennis court, carrom boards and obviously cricket and football grounds. Some inter college tournaments are also organized. Along with the dribbling of ball, banging of bats and swooshing sound of shuttlecock, these places are filled with college gossips to world politics, Olympic talks to filmy fudge and lots of cheers. We fall, we lose but it is surely a place to learn. And last but not the least, hostel!!

“Student life is called golden period, but this golden period is incomplete without experiencing hostel life.”

Hostel : a place where you make home, away from your home and family out of friends. Apart from nursing, dental and PG hostels, BJMC has 2 boys’ hostels for UG students, 2 hostels for interns and 1 girls’ hostel. Some buildings are old and some are new. With its cracks and fissures, rats and cats, it is the place every hostellite is going to miss. Be it 12 AM birthday celebration or last night exam preparation, mess food or TV room, small-big quarrels or gossiping sessions!

“Can seniors be our friends!!!?”

The answer lies here…

Medical field is based on healthy senior-junior relationship. Ragging has almost been eliminated. Apart from studies, seniors also help their juniors with the problems they are facing in their life. Hostel provides the best place to interact with seniors and in these ways, seniors are more likely to be friends here. In the end, white coat demands lots of dedication and hard work. From bones to cadavers, wards to patients, we have filled our college life with lots of knowledge, fun and experiences.

Let’s secure all these moments in our heart, because we know our heart will surely want to dissolve in its memories!

For more details about admission and the college you can contact:

Jyoti Gadhvi

Email: jyotigadhvi1997@gmail.com
Phone: 9998465636

Website: http://www.bjmc.org

*Picture Credits: Kathan Patel

Know Your College – CEPT UNIVERSITY – Nirjari Upadhyay

Nirjari Upadhyay, a third year graduate student from SID (School of Interior Designing) a part of CEPT (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology) University. Well this post has to be from a designing college and that could be very well established from the beautiful pictures we have here.

“For the next five years, forget that you’ll get any sleep”
that was the first ever sentence I heard from SID’s former Dean Ms. Krishna Shastri. Confused, scared were the first reactions of all the 60 of us. Now I know why she said that and I think the famous phrase really makes sense in this case “Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai”.

Architecture was my first preference and although I couldn’t get into CEPT for architecture, I took up the Bachelors in Interior Design course. Honestly, that’s the best decision I’ve ever made.
CEPT is an entirely new world in its own. The university mainly focuses on architecture, construction, design and management related courses for both Undergraduate as well as Masters. There are basically 5 departments:

  • Faculty of architecture
  • Faculty of design
  • Faculty of design
  • Faculty of planning
  • Faculty of management

For all of the above, undergraduate course is a 5-years course and masters is a 2-year course.


The gardens



The paths where many a stories are made

The teaching is mostly hands-on as the faculties believe that we would learn better and more if we have a practical experience. Spoon feeding is not at all encouraged. The faculties are the most cool people ever. 50% of them being alumni-turned faculties, they understand us and our capabilities and are available to help and guide us throughout. Some of them even come for design discussions at 10 in the night and go home at 4 in the morning.
On being asked about the “load factor” I would definitely laugh. If you really want to achieve great things, be ready to stay awake in the college all the time. The advantage that we have is that the campus is open 24×7. Mostly students stay in the college and work together till 6 in the morning, go home and are back to attend the lectures at 8 am. We have submissions almost every day for which intense thinking and energy levels are necessary. 85% attendance is mandatory and let me tell you, they are very strict about it.

Apart from that we have Summer-Winter School (SWS). These programs differ from the regular semesters in terms of structure, approach and content. The key-words that capture the spirit of SWS are experiment, variety and innovation. They explore emerging areas, provide space to test new ideas and methods, facilitate in-situ experience, help understand critical sites and situations, and create opportunities to learn by making. The courses in SWS are intense and are for short duration : between two to four weeks ranging from on-campus courses to national courses to international courses.
We have various facilities that help us do our work better. We have a high quality, well-equipped workshop for wood, metal, ceramics and textile. We also have Fab-lab where laser-cutting, CNC cutting, 3D modelling and various other things are done. There is also a well-equipped structure lab and an IT lab.

Talking about lecture halls and classes, there are well-equipped studios (some of which are air-conditioned) and almost all of them have projectors. There are two high capacity auditoriums. Apart from these the faculties mostly prefer to teach in the spill-out areas in the campus. Each department has its own favourite area for hanging out and informal discussions, the north lawns and the SID plaza are two examples.


The studios



CEPT library houses more than 46,000 resources which include books, bound volumes of journals, theses, students’ reports etc. It also has a unique collection of drawings, prepared by students during their academic programmes. More than 4500 drawings are available in the library. This collection attracts national and international visitors. Apart from this, the library has Audio Visual Resources on CDs, DVDs, Slides etc.

Our yearly cultural fest is named ROOTS. It’s a 7-day fest where mostly evening events include JAM (Just A minute), debates, treasure hunt, band performance, student night etc. Along with this we have 3-days workshops on various topics be it dance, music, design related or whatever the student body wishes to learn.
When it comes to sports a lot of events happen. Amity cup is our yearly cricket tournament amongst different departments including the alumni. Apart from cricket, football leagues, volleyball leagues etc. are held at the university level. Each department has a sports secretary who is responsible for organizing various other tournaments such as badminton, table-tennis, kabaddi etc. All departments have their own TT tables and very often you would find students playing with their faculties too.

CEPT is known for its Navratri. The decorations, installations, even the mataji’s temple is made by the students and is acknowledged by everybody.
Various other festivals are celebrated considering the diverse places students come from to study in the university such as Pongal, Vishu, Gudi padwa, Onam, Holi, Lohri etc.


Extra-curricular activities: almost every other week we have guest lectures, presentations by people from various countries, states and cities.
Every February, faculty of architecture organizes Kurula Varkey Design forum where final year student’s projects are discussed, reviewed and competitions are held.
The university hosted Archiprix this February (the first in Asia): All university-level training colleges around the world are invited to take part by selecting and submitting their best graduation project. It forms the largest presentation of graduation work and offers unrivalled insight into current trends in design education globally and architecture generally.

The seniors and juniors get along very well. Very often one would see them having tea together in the mornings as well as working together in studios. A lot of us take design discussions with them and it truly helps us in our work. We have a very strong student community. Each department has its own student council where frequently GBMs (general body meetings) happen and day-to-day issues related to academics, sports, cultural activities etc. are discussed and implemented upon.

Food is not at all an issue. Our canteen serves good variety and delicious food. The canteen provides an option of monthly payment of food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for those who stay in hostels and as paying guests. We also have a stall of Radhika which serves great south Indian food. There is a stall of Amul as well. Apart from that we have the Chauraha Art Café near Kanoria and Zen café at Amdavad ni Gufa. The Khau Gali (Foodie street) at the Main gate is an added advantage for us and is a favourite place to hangout for all the college students having colleges in the university area.

CEPT does not have its own hostel. However, the Ahmedabad Education Society hostels are very near to the campus.

The college provides us great support. We have a Student Services Office(SSO) completely dedicated for making our life easier in the campus. The SSO provides academic, financial, medical, residential and other support services to all students of CEPT University, including International students, exchange students and student interns. It is the first stop for prospective students, where academic counselling, consultations and Open House are organized prior to Admissions. It also serves as the single point of access for family, parents or local guardians of all students. Last, but not the least, the SSO works closely with and supports the Student activities at CEPT, including the Students’ Council, Campus Radio, and other Student Clubs on campus.

For more details about admission and the college you can contact:

Nirjari Upadhyay

Phone: 9033128761
(She wont be available on phone until July 18th as she is out of country)

Website: http://cept.ac.in/

SWS website: http://sws.cept.ac.in/

Social media links:
1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CEPTUniversity1

2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ceptuniversity1

3. Snapchat: ceptuniversity


Know Your College – ILNU – Prafull Bhardwaj

Prafull Bhardwaj, a 3rd-year student of (B.A. LLB) at Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. He has a keen interest in debating and writing and hence is also a part of the college Debating Panel. The writer is a Core Committee Member of the Student Welfare Board and has experience of working with the college community.

After the results of CLAT 2015, I entered Nirma which was the last option in my bucket. But the kind of peace and satisfaction that I feel here with every passing day here is inexpressible. Institute of Law, Nirma University is a unique institution of the country. It was the first private college to start taking admissions through Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). Since its inception under the aegis of Nirma University in the year 2007, the institute has shown tremendous growth in a plethora of diverse sectors. The institute came into existence to fulfil the demand of the emerging legal profession and to provide excellent legal education.

ilnu front

The Institute of Law, Nirma University

Starting with the campus, it has a beautiful campus with lush green surroundings. The institute shares the campus with other institutions thereby has a plenty of resources. The campus has a vast sports complex for indoor as well as outdoor games. In the category of outdoor it includes running track, football and cricket ground, tennis and badminton court while in indoor it has table tennis, chess, carom to name a few. The university has its own hostels which are limited in number as they do not suffice the need of all the students. The hostels have gymnasium, dedicated mess and all other required facilities. There are total four canteens to serve the people of different institutes. The institute has fully air-conditioned classes which acts as the catalysts in the learning process. It also has a very rich Library Resource Centre which has plethora of books and subscriptions for different disciplines.

Coming next to the education, ILNU is known for its hardworking students throughout the country. The institute makes its students ready for all diverse fields including litigation, politics, diplomacy, judgeship, corporate clerkship etc. The institute has a very strict timetable which is followed by the students as well as faculties with utmost sincerity. There are dedicated after class discussion hours which help students to innovate and reinvent legal education. Teachers at ILNU are like your mentors; they not only teach you the texts but also nurture you to be a good human being. The Institute today has the faculty whose expertise spans across various areas of law and who have a wide range of teaching and research experience. The institute has the minimum 85% attendance policy which helps in maintaining uniformity in the learning process.

The institute is very careful in acknowledging the talented students and hence it’s the only private institute that provides scholarship on two grounds of merit and merit come means basis only after the eligibility to avail the scholarship is proven by the student. It also sponsors the participation of its students in various academic as well as non-academic competitions. The institute has a well-defined system of choosing the ones who will represent college outside as in the form of different panels. It includes Debating panel, moot court panel and Alternate dispute resolution panel.

ilnu moot

MOOT Court Competition


Convocation Day

The institute has a very strong students’ association known as The Nirma Institute of Law Students Activities Association (NILSAA). There are various committees which work under the guidance of NILSAA. All the committees are headed by their chairpersons and core committee members.

ilnu mun

ILNU MUN – Picture Courtesy : Avlokan (ILNU)

The institute is yet to see more glory with a proactive dean and the student lot getting better after every year. If one keeps faith in himself, the seniors and the institute he will definitely have a great time.

For more details about admission and the college you can contact:

Prafull Bhardwaj

Admission Committee | ILNU

Email: 15bal006@nirmauni.ac.in
Phone: 9726665323 (Whatsapp and call), 7906460030(only call)

Website: http://www.nirmauni.ac.in/ILNU