Time Management

Managing one’s time is now a basic need of the millennium. In this fast-paced world where from the day we are born we are told to “jaldi kar” even a child learns to say that he is falling short of time. The priorities of each and every person would be different but the problem is always the same – SCARCITY OF TIME.

During these important years of your life which are your crucial game changers your priorities and your management of time will help you achieve your goals. You yourself have to set the priorities and decide between studying, extra lectures, going out with friends, night-outs, day-trips and movies.

Time-tables are the key elements in managing one’s time. Plan out your day, week and month. Add whatever you wish to achieve in that particular time and don’t forget to add a wee bit of leisure also because “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” . Always know your bounds and stay in the limit. Never exceed the amount of leisure more than required. Set higher goals for yourselves. Try to achieve the unachievable.

Never ask yourselves the question : “WHY?” , instead ask “WHY NOT?” !!!


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