How to stop worrying and start studying !

Important Exams buzzing ahead , peer pressure , the mystery of the world ahead and around  , the fear of ending up as a failure constantly wander around our teenage mind and haunt it to the core .This worry thing in our important years cause major disrupt in our lives now and lives ahead . The eminent British journalist Norman Cousins  in his work :Anatomy of an Illness rightly noted –

“The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.”

So here I give you some handy solutions which you can incorporate in your schedule to reduce worry :

1)Do Microplanning:

Planning is the key to any successful endeavor , it is rightly said “Failing to plan is planing to fail” . Many of the students though being really smart end up being unsuccessful  here the lack of planing is the major culprit . You may plan your day right in the morning and then as the day goes by the plan is over shadowed by the more seemingly urgent but trivial things and at times by shear laziness . Social media also plays a chief role in wasting ones days planning. So to avoid all of this one must MICROPLAN. This is a way of planing to the minutest of detail and deciding what to do at exactly what time . For example one may plan to study a particular subject for 3 hours . This is not enough one could easily get distracted . Here one should also plan what exactly he would study in those 3 hours and how would he distribute his study matter in those 3 hours . This makes one far less distracted and much more focused because at every instant he knows what exactly to do instead of wasting his time in thinking what to study next. In short microplanning is an art of planning in which you take your bigger plans and plan them in more and minute details .

2) Never compare

One of the most important and the most difficult life skill to learn is not to compare with others . We humans are naturally competitive and in this world it really is essential but it has been proven again and again by numerous psychological experiments that major cause of worry is comparison and this leads to major in productivity   . The world renounced motivational author , blogger and a great friend of mine Shannon L. Alder wrote quite rightly : “Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.” It takes real thought to realize that we and and any other humans though have a lot of common characters are made up of different genetic material, everyone raised up in different ways , everyone with a different story  then how can we compare ourselves with anyone else? The right way is to compare only with ourselves. We have to aim  perform better than the previous time , not better than anyone else !

3)Analyse and solve your worry problems 

There can be more reasons to worry  than the stars in the sky , but the real wisdom lies in realizing that maximum of them are just trivial and never deserved so much attention . Hence to stop worry and start studying efficiently one must  start analyzing the problems and then tackle them  – You can use these 3 steps

i) Obtain the facts
ii) Analyze them
iii) Arrive on that decision -act on it.

Firstly you need to analyse your problems in an objective and non partial way , then think what worst can happen if this remains unaddressed – prepare for it . Then put good effort in  finding a solution to it and even better effort in acting upon it . Herbert . E . Hawkes , Dean of Columbia University once reveled from his years of experience with students that :”Confusion is the main cause of worry” . So by getting the facts and analyzing them properly helps once lessen a lot of our worries . So remember if you devote time in securing the facts in an impartial and non objective way  and analyze them ,then a lot of your worries will evaporate in light of your knowledge .





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