Internet, Mobile Phones and Social Media

Today in this high tech world a person who isn’t on social media is considered to be invisible, isn’t it so?Actually that is true…Today an internet presence is as much required as any social PR. Because if someone hears about anything new they are sure to Google it first. People have become addicted to their phones actually.

At sometimes if the car keys or some Rs. 500 are lost then people don’t get so tensed as to if a mobile phone is lost!! And that is valid actually if you have almost all your details on your phone now-a-days. But as school children you shouldn’t have that problem. I have seen people waiting for that one person to come online the whole day only to later learn that he/she has uninstalled Whatsapp months ago. You don’t need to waste time like that at this stage. You have the resy of your life for doing that.

Internet and social media if used judiciously can work wonders for people in marketing and advertising but as students if you are going to make a waste out of it then it’s of no use. The cases of depression, cyber crime, brain-strokes, etc. are continually increasing amongst the youth and that’s just because of the excess usage of mobiles and laptops. Today people are mad behind getting more likes on their FB pics, more followers in their Insta and flames on Snap. My suggestion Get a Life. These two years are the most crucial years that are going to help you shape up your life. I am not suggesting that you stop using it but use it for good purposes. You can make a group on Whatsapp where doubts can be discussed. Motivational pictures can be shared. Important exam related instructions and announcements can be shared with your friends.

As we all know Excess of anything is bad. The same goes here, always use the things keeping one thing in mind- your goal…..where you want to reach, where you are currently and what more do you need to do to reach there?


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