The “TEC” Theory of Success

Confused what all this is about ? TEC the word itself doesn’t sound correct right?! Well this is just a theory that I had proposed for myself when I was studying and doing all those things that you are doing now-a-days…… It consists of mainly three things and I am going to talk a little bit about each so tighten your belts for the ride . Among this the most important of all is Time Mangement. It makes up about 50% of the this theory. Next being Effective Studying taking up a share of 40% and the rest going to your Choices.

  • TTime Management

Time is of essence in this fast world that we are seeing everyday. For each and every person who is rushing the whole day it is extremely important for them to manage their time. It’s not just the grown-ups. Everybody from a 6 year old to a 60 year old are having problems managing their time everyday. Students your age, going to schools, classes, extra- classes, extra-test, extra-classes to cover up for extra-classes missed ……… are bound to have this problem.

The major reason for this is that people are unable or rather people don’t know how to manage their time. All the time people complaint that they have a shortage of  time but nobody sits to analyze why they are facing such a problem or why they are in such a situation where they have a shortage of time! Nobody has time for that even! But if a person is able to find out the answers to these two questions then he/she can  get to the root problem  behind it. Handling such a problem is a complicated task but even if you can just find out the reason behind it then half the battle is won.

Scrutinize yourself where you are wasting your time, why you aren’t able to give your fullest even though you work so hard, where exactly is your mind and concentration wavering when you sit down to study…… After doing and going through this process comes the time where you need to eliminate them. And to eliminate them you need a  strict regime that is to be followed. And this could only be possible if you have a proper Time-Table to follow.

A time-table is like a mental kick just the same as the one that you get when you are sitting in an examination hall and you realize that only 5 minutes are left for the paper to be completed and you have a lot of questions that are yet to be attempted. Similarly when you have a solid time-table (and not the one that you have made up in your mind) and you are continously referring to it then you get a similar kick every time that you have assigned a task to yourself and it’s hour draws near. You will leave each and every work that you are doing to complete the assigned task. Automatically all your problems regarding time will be sorted out. Making a time-table isn’t that difficult, just see that utilize all your time in the day and not waste even a single hour. But here lies the catch….. Suppose you know the answers of those two questions, you even know where you have a tendency to waste your time, you have made up a time-table ‘but’ and it’s a “BIG BUT” – “What if you don’t follow the time-table?” Then things aren’t going to work out. You need to implement whatever you do and then and only then can you see the shores of success from your window. Preaching without implementation is just like a drug without any disease. It is going to harm you in the long term.

  • EEffective Studying

What does Effective Studying exactly mean?? Does it mean that you have to study the whole day and keep yourselves busy in your books and not do anything else except studying? No, it doesn’t…! Effective Studying means that whatever you study should be done in such a way that it gets registered in your mind be it for an hour, two hours or twelve hours.But the point is that if you keep on studying the whole day and there’s no output then there is no use of studying, instead you can spend that much amount of time elsewhere instead of studying because any of the two activities that you pursue the results would be the same. Believe me this happens, I have seen people who will be found the whole day buried deep into their world of books reading God knows what! But when the time for performing comes then it’s a big ‘ZERO’. And that’s just because they haven’t actually learnt anything. They have just read; nothing has been registered into their minds, nothing has gone into their minds. Even if a small part would have gone into their minds do you think that that is enough for performing well? No, it is NOT. Studies have shown that whatever activities (read, write, see, feel) that you pursue in a day only 20% of it is stored in your long term memory, rest 80% of it is stored in your short term memory and is lost within the next 24 hours. And that’s where the actual ‘Effective Studying’ comes in. It is based on a principle of “3 R’s” namely  READ, REVISE and RECALL. You need to read once, revise continously and recall whenever it is required. Revision is one thing which you can’t work without. If you read once in a day then you have to also revise what you had done the previous day otherwise that would be lost just like I said above. This is where your time management and effective studying would help you.

In short Effective Studying just means one thing actually: You need to do “SMART WORK” and not “HARD WORK”. You need to work like horses and not donkeys because donkeys work hard. They don’t have a sense to ask a question like: “Why am I doing this work repeatedly?” whereas horses do have this sense. Work free and whatever you do, do it perfectly…. automatically you would have time for your other interests be it sports, musical insturments, reading, movies and anything and everything you want to do. After all in life books aren’t going to be of any help but surely your knowledge will always be there.

  • CChoice

Choice: Life is all about choices…..Being it selecting a dress out of the two you like or selecting what movie to go for. Extra classes or a party. Giving a test or hanging out with friends. These choices are always going to be there for you in these two years of your life. And these choices have to be made extremely carefully because a major part of your future lives lies in these choices.

Apart from these choices you also have to decide what you are going to read or what you are going to solve and from where you are going to do that. And this is where the confusion of most people lies….. There are thousands of publications for each and every subject available in the market. Each has it’s own set of questions and each has it’s own originality and more than that all claim to be the best.  Now the thing is that you don’t have time to solve each and every book that is available. For doing that 2 years are not going to be enough. You need  to know what suits you, which book is good for you, whether you want a book which helps in concepts or a book which gives more questions for practice. Each and every of these criteria are a personal choice and have to be decided by you yourself. The most important among this is whenever you choose any book, you need to know that just as no man is perfect, no book is without mistakes too. Each and every bok will have it’s fair share of mistakes and it’s you who has to decide that which book is the best. Ask your seniors, your classmates who would have purchased that publication, do a thorough research before choosing any publication because once you do it won’t help you to keep on changing it. You will get it all mixed up so instead just use a book which you are friendlier with. Once you choose a book then follow it and solve it thouroughly. Read the concepts before solving, just don’t jump right in. Know what type of sums can be asked. And yeah it isn’t necessary that you keep the same publication for all the subjects, you  can have different publications for different subjects. Again it is a personal choice just like selecting a nice pair of clothes for you. What fits you won’t fit anyone lese. Similarly what bbok you may find good other’s may not and there is no need to follow anyone in this matter. This is one thing which you yourself have to decide for yourself.



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