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        “The most important moment of your life is Right Now!”

Ruining careers , relationships , opportunities , lowering your self esteem and damaging your reputation – procrastinating does it all  and even more . All evils like laziness , tensions , worry problems , depressions derive from procrastination , there seems to been no bad quality more than procrastination to have affected human disaster  . You must think of something bad and the root cause directly or indirectly could be traced to procrastination. Hence if you have this vice in early and crucial years of your career it can have an intense negative effect on you. Hence I give you some suggestions to  break the habit of procrastination before it breaks you .  

  1.) Create a time table 

Yes the most important step is to plan out and write your plan on the piece of paper . It has to be divided properly in terms of time and work load. You should take special care that the harder work is done in the beginning of the day when we are fresh and the easy leftovers should be tackled towards the end of the day. Special attention should be put on breaks ,which if put at proper time would really accelerate your productivity . It is a well known fact in psychology that lack of breaks play a key role in lack of enthusiasm for work which result into procrastination. Also while making a timetable – focus your list on including the things you typically put off, not the things you are sure to do on a regular basis. Also re-evaluate your list halfway through your day  or in even smaller chunks of the day to rank your items based on highest priority. Then do the more important task first.

  2.) Force a studying span

Many a times we find over-selves pulled off into the depths of daydreams, set a period of time to do nothing but study. Take ten minutes and remove all distractions – your phone, all tasty food around  – and go into a studying span. Force yourself to study productively for ten minutes, and then go back to whatever it was you were doing. Chances are, you’ll get into a groove and keep working at a high pace even when your frenzy time is out. Working with a timer is generally regarded by most experts as being one of the best ways to develop self-discipline and stop procrastination.

 3.) The two clock technique

One of the most effective methods of stopping procrastination and studying to the fullest is what I call the two clock technique . What you do is on your study table you take two clocks . One which runs as normal and in the second one you stop it (by taking off the cell or something similar) whenever you do anything other than studying , it may be going out,  just day dreaming or anything and then whenever you start studying again you can resume the second clock . At the end of the day note down the time in both , if you do this for a couple of days you yourself will literary see time getting wasted in front of your eyes , hence one automatically tries to minimize it . It has been proven very effective and helped me more times than I can ever admit.

4.)Reward yourself

Many people claim the reason they procrastinate is because they work best under pressure. So what do you do if your deadlines(exams) are really far way ? Make your own. Set a time that you must complete your chapter by, and either reward yourself at the end of that time, or set up a punishment for yourself if you aren’t successful in your endeavor.Positive reinforcement, as it is called  is the most effective means of motivating yourself and sticking to one study goal. If this reward doesn’t work then try out for negative reinforcements which is punishing yourself if you don’t complete your chapter. This includes things likes not allowing yourself to take a nap , letting go your favorite food etc. But make sure its not too bad but still you would always avoid.

5.)Do it in a group

If you can’t seem to study on your own, find a friend or family member to help you study.A few friends who are dedicated and sincere can study together or a parent or relative can sit besides and just give company and do their own work  Studying in  someone’s presence  will motivate you to finish your study, because if you don’t you will have to suffer the embarrassment of admitting it to them.





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