A Chinese philosopher once said: “ Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is wisdom…”

Hello everybody out there, with this great thought in mind we start this series with the first post today.

Everybody talks about success the whole day but if you ask them about its definite meaning there is no concrete answer or explanation about what they mean by success. So here before starting this series let me define what I mean by success and what we aim to achieve by this series.

Success means achieving what you aim in life along with a good social and  mental development. That’s the easiest way I could define success which everybody would agree with, right? Success doesn’t mean that you just run behind what you want and forget the rest. Your family, your friends… the society in general also matters in your pursuit of success because in the end whom are you going to share or show your success to? In your pursuit of success you cannot turn a blind eye to these things. With this series we aim to achieve an overall development for the students and also we aim to bring a new meaning of success in people’s lives.

Coming to the main topic for today….. KNOW THYSELF. Some may think this to be a stupid topic because everybody knows himself or herself but then why do those people try to copy others or do what others are doing. They never remember that each human is different and has a different personality and that’s where that point of knowing about you comes in.

You need to know who you are, what you are good at and what you want to be. Nobody else can claim that they know you better than yourself. You are the person who is going to shape your life up and nobody else, so why try to replicate what others do. People start losing confidence when they think that they don’t know themselves. You need to assess yourself, know what you want to do with your life and that is going to make you develop a habit of trusting your instincts, your intuitions and having a self-confidence that you can achieve whatever you want.

If what people say is going to matter you then that is where you lose your self-confidence and instill a fear of self-ignorance. You are your own judge and it is in you who will decide what you are, not a bunch of people who are busy commenting on people’s lives all day long. People are going to say many things, some good and lots of bad things but that shouldn’t affect you because you know that isn’t you. But if you don’t know yourself then these small things will harass you and take you away from your goal, your life and eventually from your success. In such times you may take advice from others and start following them or what they say, my advice to you at this time is: Learn from others, listen to what they faced, assess it and see what applies to you at that time. Just don’t follow whatever anyone says blindly.

Define yourself, never let someone else do it be it your closest friend or your family members. But always remember one thing….. Never lose hope and never think about leaving your quest of success in the middle. Just remember one thing,




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