Parent’s Role

Parents are like the bow and the children are like arrows, the farther the bow stretches the greater distance the arrow flies. I am thankful to my parents for everything that I am today.They have stretched for making me what I am today. May God bless them always. -Akk

Respected parents,

I think this would be the first time an 18-year-old would be giving this type of advice to any parent ever. Here I would just be talking about your contribution to your child’s most important years which are going to decide his/her future. Parents need to show the same amount of dedication as the child towards his/her goal and sometimes even more than the child because it is the parents’ duty that they guide their children on the right path and help them out with their tasks.

They are going to come to you when they face any problems. In these situations, the parent has to come along as the child’s friend and not as someone elder to him and demanding respect. Research says that children find it easier to share their problems with people their age. It is up to you to keep them motivated and support them. You need to keep a constant check on their studies and you need to see that they are faring well in their exams and are keeping abreast in their classes. Ask them about each subject at the end of every week, if you think their progress is not up to the mark then let them know your thoughts. But and a big “BUT” at it, don’t compare them with others while doing this.  This tends to have a negative effect on the child. You only need to keep a check, please don’t pestere them by asking about each and every thing. They are sure to share them with you at their own time.

You need to coax them to clear their doubts with the respective teachers. Talk with them about the problems that they face. Try to help them solve it as far as possible else help them by giving the proper guidance and contacts with the help of which they can discuss their problems effectively. Check their progress every month. See to it that they have completed a certain amount of course. Confirm with the sirs how much amount of course should be completed in a certain time span and compare the work of your child with that. See that the child learns from his mistake in each and every test and see that he/she improves his/her score continuously. But one thing you need to remember here is that one test here or there doesn’t matter. You should encourage your ward towards performing better next time. You also need to remember that they will be happy when they score good marks and you are there to appreciate it but they would be happier when they score less marks and you are there to support them instead of reprimanding.

One major problem that you may face is of mobile phones and social media. You can’t get the children away from it until and unless you yourself are not addicted.


 So if you can’t control your urge to check your phone every few minutes the child will also learn the same.  Try to make them understand what is important to them at this stage in their life and how it is going to affect their future. Maybe this will get them away from social media.

And the last thing that you can help them is in maintaining their timings. Mostly it is the responsibility of the child to follow the time-table that he/she makes but some timings like the meal times, travel times, etc. which are not in their hands should be managed by the parent so that their time-tables are not hindered because of that. You should discuss these timings during the preparation of their time-tables.

That’s it parents for all I share is my experience…..Hope this helps you as well as your ward. Wishing you GOOD LUCK on this wonderful journey to the young champs’ bright future.


Dedicated to all parents’……….

ભૂલો ભલે બીજું બધું, મા બાપને ભૂલશો નહિ
અગણિત છે ઉપકાર એના, એ કદી વિસરશો નહિ.


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