Motivation, Peer Pressure and Comparisons

Motivation…. If you are thinking that in this post I am going to tell you some motivating things and I AM GOING TO MOTIVATE YOU then that isn’t going to happen. You have got it all wrong then. Today it’s just about how you need to keep yourself motivated and how can you stay away from all the bad influence and distractions that may tend to take you away from your goals.

Being humans and God having blessed us with a blessing called feelings it is perfectly all right that sometimes we may feel low. It is completely acceptable. But keeping those feelings with us and because of that if we are going to screw up everything else then that is not acceptable. It is a crime to do that. You need to keep yourself motivated for; continuously trying and to go on walking on the road to SUCCESS. The thing about motivation is that it should come from within. It can’t be induced by anyone else. It’s a sort of hormone like adrenaline or something. It should kick in automatically when you feel low. Surely there are your well-wishers among which your parents play a major role; they are surely going to help you out when required but the motivation you seek should come from within. Keep on trying until you succeed.


Coming to the second point of the day, peer pressure and comparisons though seemingly different are related with each other. You can’t have one without another. Comparisons are always made between two competitors. That has been the trend since the times of kings and it is not going to change. All you have to do is to stay above all that shit or just ignore everything. Never compare yourself with anyone because each and every one of us is different. Stay away from ranking systems and ever if someone asks your rank just say it’s ‘ZERO’ after all no one can be ranked before you in that way. But always be true to yourself. If you think that you are failing in your pursuit of success, then never cheat yourself. Work hard for your goal and always keep on moving ahead.

Peer Pressure…… influence from members of one’s peer group

Positive Side:

A peer group can be the one to encourage you to do good things like helping others, try new stuff and also motivate you. At times it supports you when you are at sixes and sevens with someone or some other group. A good peer group may guide you to make out ways when you undetermined and need moral support. It is good in situations where you just need a little push to try something new, different or a little scary.

Negative Side:

Peer pressure induces the fear that someone will do better than me because at your age peer pressure is always on the negative side and influence is never taken in a positive sense, because that isn’t what we are taught. We are taught: How to compare? Where we rank as compared to someone? We are never taught that you have to perform better than yourself. We only have to concentrate on ourselves. I don’t blame anyone for this; it’s in our genes I would say.

Apart from this a peer group may have bad effects on us too and may lead us into bad habits, but one cannot let others influence our life or decide our deeds. It is arduous to go against the grain and resist social pressure. So here are few measures one can exercise to deal with the negative influence of peer pressure.

Firstly, one needs to be prepared for this kind of situation ahead of time. One should plan how to deny when something approaches you which your conscience or gut-instincts refrain you from doing. Because at one point of time, due to so much of a push from peers, you will be tempted to do that and tend to lose your self-control. For this you need to develop the Art of saying “NO”. Learn to say no in such a manner that it creates positive impression on others and they don’t get offended.

“Choose your friends wisely”. This is the best way to avoid bad influence of peer pressure. Spend time with friends which make you feel comfortable. Make friends who share your interests, respect your values and back you up in needy times. Sometimes if your friends are bugging you to do some stuff which you aren’t comfortable with, then you need to evaluate your friendship and think about it.

“Be proud of yourself”. Self-esteem is a crucial component when it comes to avoiding peer pressure. Remind yourself that you are special. Nuke any negative statements or comments. Focus on your personal goals instead of goals of groups.

“Be your own best friend”. If under a circumstance the situation is not in your hands and you aren’t able to handle it then seek support. Talk about this with someone whom you can trust and whom you know would be able to help you up with this. Well, for this parent or elders are best person which can help you out with this and take you out of this distress.


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