Time Management and Effective Studying- a philosophical approach

The topics for today may seem to have already delved upon in the past (You can read about it here). But today I would be discussing it from a totally different view.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is that you are the pilot.

Time management is one such thing which can’t be achieved only by talking or thinking or working on it. It necessitates an attitude, a warmth, a goal, something which helps you go towards your last mark. Attitude is an important aspect or rather an important characteristic of a person. If a person has the attitude of achieving anything, then he will surely be able to do that.

Kehte hai na:

“Agar tum kisi cheez ko itni shiddat se chaho, to saari kaaynat tumhe us cheez tak pohchane ne ki koshish me lag jaayegi!”

I could repeat the same things that I said in the previous post; make a time-table, follow it, write it down, finalize it…… But when would all this be possible?? This is only going to be possible when you have a determination, an ATTITUDE that you want to achieve something big in life and time-management is one small step of it.

Time management will take you to places you wouldn’t have imagined and make you do things you wouldn’t have done. You would find yourself taking a book to the bathroom instead your daily dose of social shit. You would spend less time discussing ‘gossips’ with friends and more time in reading or knowing about interesting stuff which you like. It’s not that time management is only about studies. Time management is a way of life. A way which defines you. A way which is the deciding factor in your life. A way which is “The Art of Living”.

Effective studying… Well, this topic is only for the students out there!! Are you thinking so?? This effective studying doesn’t involve studying which we define as textbook studying. This studying is about life. You may be thinking I am still inexperienced to be talking about such big stuff, but well Roosevelt became the President of the United States of America at the age of 42. My friends call me “The philosopher” when I talk about all these questions, but I am what I am. So here I am sharing some of my adolescent philosophy with you all.

Life is a test… We all have heard this remark many a times, right? But have we ever thought of studying for these exams? Have we ever thought about the syllabus? Do we care about the timings of these exams? And most important of this: Is this all even true in the real world?

YES. All of this matters. Studying for these exams is even more important than  our school exams. The syllabus is undefined. Time is surely of essence in life as we discussed above.

So the next question would be where to get information about this exam? The answer is: YOU.

All that you learn in life, all experiences, all tacit knowledge, everything that you have seen, observed, heard, ….. in life is your syllabus. You need to learn from all of this. Your experiences are the notes that you make in class. It is extremely necessary to be prepared for such examinations. We never know when life would throw the next “GOLDEN QUESTION” to you. And the last thing, i.e. TIME; of course nobody thinks about it until faced with the most extreme conditions. Many a times in life we need to make split decisions. Decisions which are called “RISKS”. These decisions are going to decide your life or at least  part of it. So time lost over those decisions can affect your life. Life and exams have a lot in common. Some of the few subtle points were discussed above.

I would like to end with a saying from my father, which has made me “The philosopher”:

If you can learn from your own mistakes you are intelligent, if you can learn from other’s mistakes, then you are a genius BUT if you can’t even learn from your own mistakes then you are a FOOL.


2 thoughts on “Time Management and Effective Studying- a philosophical approach

  1. Francy Varghese says:

    I totally 👍 agree, if we have interest, determination and dedication to do it..we can turn impossible to possible and make good use of our time table..
    It is well said
    What we love to do, we find to do….
    Where there is a will there is a way…

    Liked by 1 person

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