Originating Ideas collaborates with Rygbee

Hello peeps,

How are you all doing? Hope OIWC is keeping your brains busy thinking about the topics. Only 12 days are left for the submissions so better start hurrying with your articles if you haven’t done so. You need to submit the articles before 10:00 p.m. 16th January, 2017.


In other news…..

We at Originating Ideas are proud to announce that we have collaborated with Rygbee– an ideation platform. For all the dreamers and thinkers out there this is a platform for you guys to help you achieve and develop  your dream further. A platform developed on the basis of a philosophy;  to help thinkers like you by providing the best resources. You can put your idea and the platform will help you shape it further. Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence it is like a virtual friend to you. So get ready for a drive with Originating Ideas and Rygbee – a place where ideas are created and dreams are achieved.

Register on the platform and try it out today.

Try out the platform here: www.rygbee.com

For further information you can contact: info@rygbee.com

Note: *All the participants taking part in OIWC should agree to share their articles with Rygbee. Further on all ideas that you share on Rygbee will also be shared with Originating Ideas for publishing purposes.


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