School Life : an ocean of memories – Jyoti Gadhvi


A medico by the profession and a writer by inspiration. Hear out thoughts from a to be doctor about her school days. School is a place which inspires you, motivates you and lads you on the way. Going to school isn’t an option or compulsion but a devotion. Get lost in this article remembering your school days.


“No one can look back on his school days and say with truth that they were altogether unhappy.”
Isn’t that so true? Yes, it is…!

Ah…! those school days, it’s delightful to start recollecting them with a little rhyme.
Let’s plunge together in ocean

Of memories,
are you ready to take bath in

Childhood reveries?
So here I go with my boats of thoughts to span the depth of this vast ocean with waves of school memories.

Do you remember that day when you cried while leaving your home, you held your mom’s hand tightly and didn’t want to let her go by saying “Mumma, I don’t wanna go school. Take me back to home.” If yes, then you would have surely not forgotten the day when you cried while leaving your school, you held your friend’s hand and promised by saying “You are only my bestiee Ok!! So we will be together till end. Got it? :p”
Did you notice the magic of these two instances I mentioned above? Look where you are…? Those instances send you back to sails with tides and ebbs of school time, and now you’ve been landed to the island of moments that :
You spent teasing your friends,
You chased eating lunch in mid classes,
You bunked roaming in playgrounds,
You being scolded by teachers on not completing homework and what not!
Now it’s time to dig out the dumped treasure box of memories buried under the “Sands of Time”. Digging out the treasure box what did you find?
You found:
Those matching uniforms,
those scales, erasers and pencils bit chewed.
Those textbooks with brown covers,
Those notebooks with tic-tac-toe on last pages,
Those early 7 am mornings when the distance to school seemed like miles,
and most importantly your INNOCENT SMILES.
Hey! I saw something on your face right now. Was that your inner child smiling back to these memories? I guess yes!!… Well, that’s the why school days are so special, they have the magic to make you child once again.
This ocean of memories has no end, as towards the infinity its sails tend. So for the sake of time I anchor my nostalgia here by concluding SCHOOL in just few words:

“A time when,
All Indians were our brothers and sisters: p,
we did mischievous acts like silly sinister,
we used to cheat only for score in tests and not the people,
we believed in fairy’s fable,
and all mistakes were erasable.”

-Jyoti .P. Gadhvi


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