Relationships and their effects on youth – Khushboo Lakhwani


Khushboo Lakhwani… as the name says, fragrancing the world from 19 years… studying Electrical Engineering in PDPU. I laugh crinkly and live simply…


Truly said… Every day in our routine lives, we come across a massive number of people with whom we share diverse relationships. Some are solid, others are delicate. Some active, other passive. Some earnest, other dispassionate.

To sum up one person is compassed by plentiful of relations. A relation affects you either affirmatively or negatively.

Sometimes cheerfulness that one relation brings is eclipsed by the gloom of other or may be the other way round. We are born as humans and have a tendency to get connected to other humans, this connection builds relationships. This connection also reinforces feelings of respect, love, trust, empathy, passion, oneness and delight. They add up to the beauty and stability in a relationship.

But as a coin always has to sides, as light is not appreciated in absence of darkness same way, relationships also give rise to feelings of expectations, jealousy, sadness. It even causes the sense of catastrophic thinking in others. These feelings bring downs the dome of a relationship.

Current youth is affected by the associations in their life at a larger scale. It is due to scarcity of patience and understanding, and abundance of choices. For instance: We never have an additional choice to select parents so we cope up, live with them and build an understanding with them. But whenever life provides us choices we always tend to select better and there is no limit to it. It is perfectly said “You are free to make choices but not free to choose the consequences” and so a person ends up in breaking or making of relationships that one selects, and the joy and miseries of which rule the thoughts and emotions of these young chaps.

And in this, to minimise the grief youngsters tend to take undesired actions which leaves an impression over their coming future. But if we see this other way round some relationships also have a positive influence which guide them to a bright future. Young minds are full of energy, they live in an age of fast meeting, faster attachments and even faster breakups. So coming back to square one, a relationship is a building which when made on pillars of trust, understanding, love and respect stays longer and stronger. Efforts are always key essentials of togetherness. The feeling of simply giving away all that you have to another person without expecting anything in return makes you happy in relationship.

Although expecting nothing would sound impossible to the youth of today so;

“Giving more and expecting less” would be pitch perfect statement for them to have a constructive, clear and concrete strong relationship. As it requires a heart to do something you don’t like for that someone you love. Have that heart and give away the smiles to get them in return.


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