School Life: An Ocean of Memories – Esha Maken


Another writer reminiscing about her school days. A lighter article after such heavy ones. Those who are fresh out of school will surely enjoy reading these musings.


“School life!” These are not just two words but they include the most beautiful era of one’s life. How interesting life is! The same place where one cries to go at some point of his life, the same is the place for which the same person craves for going at some other point of his life. School life is such a phase which explains us very practically how we do not value the things we have with us and then suddenly after parting from that thing, we just recall, evoke and recollect attaining nothing but memories!
I would like to abridge these feelings of echoing memories into this short poem
of mine:

Sweet Melodies Were Those Days!
Sweet melodies were those days,
That we spent at our school all say,
Sometimes fun, sometime studies,
But best of all were the buddies!
Tired of Exams and books,
We just wished to leave school’s every corner and nooks,
We awaited long for vacations,
But never were ready to welcome tensions.
The school finally ended and the vacations started,
It seemed as if all our wishes had been granted!
But we were wrong, we were wrong,
We missed the school life that was a melodious song.
Missing the school badly,
And remembering all the memories sadly,
Why time takes a leap?
Why the eyes weep?
Why the memories heart keep?
NO ANSWER ever I got,
Even searching a lot!
But one thing I will always say,
Sweet melodies were those days!!!…
-Esha Maken

Yes, the school life was such a sweet melody that we can sing along every time
we dive into the depths of nostalgia and we will end up with a smile on our face
and may be wet eyes too sometimes.
Do you remember the day when you entered your school for the first time? May
be your answer would be a “NO” and if I ask do you remember the day when
you left your school? Definitely, it would be a “YES”. This is the bitterness of
life. It gives all the beautiful gifts without your being able to notice it and it offers all the challenges right at your face. This is the case with our school life too. The most beautiful gift of being a part of our school and the first day of the same is totally without our knowledge, we are not even aware about what is happening with us and then finally when over the number of years we start loving the place, it is already too late to take a pause and then we have to move forward no matter what we feel deep inside, no matter whether we are ready for it or not, no matter how much we crave not to leave.
It is only this phase of life what we call as school life where we can think and
imagine about all the weird stuffs with our friends ridiculously seriously and
still feeling proud for thinking upon such stuffs. For instance, during school life, every student would have once thought of being a saviour of his fellow students if the school faces any kind of threat from terrorists or may be an earthquake. Such is the innocence level of the students at school that we just think we can be anything and in our imaginations we are already on a different level of being that and what more? Our dearest friends trust us in that too with their full support on the back!
So as we start talking about the friends, let me put some of my words into
poetry for my friends too.

Yesterday had a reverie
Yesterday again I was dreaming,
I was literally beaming,
I had a trance of blooming with joy,
And no one was there to annoy.
I saw myself walking in a wonderland,
And yeah I was not alone,
There were my closest alter egos to get along,
We were running, chasing, laughing, screaming,
We did not know about worries or tensions,
What we wished to get was just attention,
Attention for getting sweets and chocolates,
Chocolates and we were the closest mates.
Suddenly a wind blustered all round,
Now we were no more in a wonderland,
Now we were not together found,
We all were in the search of an end.
Ouch!- To me something prickled,
I woke up from the hallucination,
I thought and thought and thought,
What was that dream all about?
I realized soon it was my own life’s story,
They were me and my friends,
Now searching for different ends,
We are no more with each other but still are together.
We were, we are and will always be there for one another,
For us the distance will never ever bother,
This is just for all of you my closest friends,
I will always be there to offer my hand.
-Esha Maken

School life teaches us a lot. It is the foundation of our whole life, the way we
will tackle the life and its challenges.
If we start enlisting the memories of school life, one book can be written on it
and as the memories are so sweet, you never know when that book turns out to
be the Best Seller! Ah! Day-dreaming muse us so kindly!
Let us talk about our dearest and most reverent teachers now. I know school life
never made us think about teachers and their contributions as we were always
busy with doing the home work they assigned us! But I am very sure that we
have realised their value after coming to college. College life has actually made us think how the school teachers always kept us pampered and how they treated us in a child-like manner because after getting admitted to the college, we are suddenly grown-ups, brimming with maturity.

Well, I know that the value of teachers cannot be summed up in any ways.
There is a lot of contribution that they add to our lives and without their
preaching, there cannot be any student dreaming to be a pilot or an engineer or a doctor or an advocate in the future.
“School life” can never be abridged in an essay or a poem or a speech. It is a
very important part of one’s life. No one has ever left the school without a
disheartened feeling. There is always a corner of the heart that longs to be a
school student forever. But this is what life is, it will offers you everything but never ever permanently. Everything in life is temporary, be it anything and so is the school life.
School life is such an ocean of memories that everyone would love to just sink
into rather than float over. The memories of school life are sweet for each and
every student, no matter whether he was a topper at the school or the happy go
lucky student who was the one who got on every teacher’s nerves! Such is the
comeliness of school memories; it attracts you in a way that you will end up
with teary eyes every time you think about them.
No matter how much we love our school life or get nostalgic about the school
memories, we will have to move ahead and that is what life is all about. Just to
console one self, I had written this poem while getting admitted to the college:


The glint will turn to spark,
The life will scare away the dark,
We will grow, we will glow,
Our life will be a Stunning Show!
We are now entering into a new phase,
A step closer for our dreams to chase,
A world of wider knowledge,
A world of high spirits with no edge.
A life to take own decisions,
A life of a combo of fun and tensions,
Its there waiting for us my friends,
Its the college life where our thoughts extends.
Time for a new leap,
To get engrossed in our tasks with grip,
Let’s target now at our high aims,
And then we will meet in future with GREAT NAMES!!
-Esha Maken

This poem just helps me to encourage myself every time I get nostalgic about the school life, it helps me to stay focused and ever moving ahead. I know nothing can replace school life but at the same time nothing can pause time, we have to leave certain things behind in order to chase few waiting for us ahead.
I would like to conclude with the words that “School Memories are the
sweetest of all, they are but just memories!”


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