Overall Development v/s Marks, Marks, Marks!! – Arja Kakkad

WP_20170214_18_07_58_ProA young 12 year old writes about her experiences with the exams and how people need cope up with it. It feels great when such young people motivate the others. Also this is the youngest entry we got in Originating Ideas Writing Competition.







I’ve seen many people cry,

Many shake their head and sigh.

I thought they were going to be eaten by sharks,

Then I realized, they had got bad marks!

I laughed a lot and told- “Your mistakes you can always mend,

Cheer up, life is not at an end.

So what, if you got bad grades,

Mistakes will always fade.

They shook their head and told,

“But…but… my mom will scold!”

I told them not to worry,

And also to be free,

from the great bars of fear.

Exams are just mere!

They are there to encourage,

Not to lock you in a cage.

They are there to help you learn your mistake,

They are not for the teacher, but they are for your sake.

So use them to learn more,

And you’ll have a brighter mind than before.

Don’t stay below the exams,

Learn more and push them down!

And for goodness’s sake, put away that silly frown.


Life’s a race, which starts right in your mom’s stomach,

And you can’t get out of it, you’re stuck.

When lullabies your mother sings,

The race doesn’t end there, there still are siblings.

If they are elder they won, if younger, you won.

Never thought “Oh! I have a sibling, it would be fun!”

When you get admission in school,

Your parents laugh and say “My child is smart, others are fools.”

Never they thought for sure,

“My child will learn more.”

Then comes the worst, Exams make your head burst!

“My child came first, yours came second,”

And talk about the prizes you’ve won,

Hoping to leave the listeners stunned.

And the most silly one, the one which involves things,

Who has the costliest pendants and who has the costliest strings.

I hate this race, I hate this phrase.

If the final stop is straight, I’ll go right without fear,

Coz there’s no place for me here.

I don’t want to run with people as sharp as a knife,

I don’t want to run in a competitive race,

I want to enjoy a joyful life.


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