Should educational decisions be taken by the government or the educators? – Vishnu Sreenivas


A few more reasons to tell us why the educators should be the decision makers in the country in matters of education. Last but not the least post of the Originating Ideas Writing Competition.




Disclaimer: All these are personal thoughts and are not meant to offend anyone.

5 Important Reasons Why Educators Must Take Decisions

Once Albert Einstein told that, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”. Education is one of those things which is considered very important in this world, but it still remains that every country is not able to offer the best education as few do.

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree then it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid. Do you know how many students relate to that fish never finding their gifts, thinking that they are stupid and useless. Centuries have passed but there is still no change in the education system in some parts of the world. If it’s our duty to customize the world, then it’s our duty to do the same for education. Our task must be to bring out the spirit out of each and every student. No more common core instead let’s reach the core of every heart in every class, show that each subject is important but no more than art or dance. Let’s give every gift an equal chance. This may sound like a dream but countries like Finland are doing impressive things. Finland’s education system outperforms every other education system in the world. While students may be 20% of our population they are 100% of our future.

The decision makers of the education system must be the educators and not the government because government is not going to teach students and cannot decide a single curriculum created by policy-makers. Every scientist will tell you that no two brains are the same. If the doctor prescribes the exact same medicines to all of his patients the result would be tragic. One teacher stands in front of all students having different strengths, needs, gifts and dreams and teach everyone the same thing the same way, that’s horrific. In countries like Finland teachers are respected and paid equal to the doctors because the doctor does a heart surgery and saves a kid. But a great teacher can reach the heart of that kid and allow him to truly live. So a teacher can help a student continue his further education depending on his interests. If a government decides the same curriculum to all the students that’s not going to help.

Most of them do rote learning to get an A grade which determines the product quality but they forget everything after a semester which is of no use. Still, Indian students focus on cramming information. The best crammers are rewarded by the system. This is one of the major flaws of our education system. For instance, let’s consider a dance teacher. There are very different dance forms that attract students with different tastes. More importantly, different teachers and institutes have developed different ways of teaching dance. This could never happen if there was a central board of dancing education which enforced strict standards of what will be taught and how such things are to be taught.

The government has made reservations for many exams and even sometimes to get jobs. For instance, let’s take JEE mains exam. The number of seats in different branches in different universities are divided in categories. Usually, SC/ST and OBC category students can easily get a good university with an average rank in JEE because a good number of seats are reserved only for them. In the contrast, it is very hard for a general category student to get a good branch in good university because of a handful of seats. It is not the case that all the general category students are born with intelligence, then why does reservations still exist. Why does no one question the government? Abroad, there is no such concept at all. There is no reservation in online education – because it scales. Today top universities worldwide are taking various courses online, and today you can easily listen the lecture taught by a top professor of MIT if you want, no matter which country you belong to. This is the future, this is the easy way to beat reservation and make it inconsequential.

On the whole, as Albert Einstein once said,

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”

is exactly true and must be followed. This is the word in which I believe, world where fish are no longer forced to climb trees.


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