Know Your College – BJMC – Jyoti Gadhvi & Khyati Patel

Khyati patel and Jyoti Gadhvi both second year students write about their experiences about Gujarat’s most famous medical college. And as doctors are known for relentless writing this article is kinda long but totally worth it. They have explained each and everything to the point just like on an answer sheet!!

Pictures are lively enough to make you feel in the campus itself. Trust these doctors to bring something dead back to to life. Thanks to Kathan (a second year medico himself).

“You’ve got admission in BJMC Ahmedabad!”

The best words any student could hear after completion of a long journey that had started from 11th science B Group till the end of the very long admission process including the counselling and the declaration of the merit lists, reshuffling and finally paying fees to the admission cell of BJMC!

Well, it’s really a thrilling experience to pursue any medical or paramedical course in B.J. medical college.

After the completion of 12th science every B Group student is clear in their mind mostly that their top most goal would be BJMC only! But the most crucial period is between the counselling and getting final admission, at that time the students are really in a confused state, a roller-coaster of lot of questions run into their minds like

  • “How my new college would be?”
  • “Will I get admission in the college I want?”
  • “How would be the faculty there?”
  • “Will I be able to adapt with the hostel life and more importantly the college life?”
  • “Will I get to know good seniors who would help me out?”

And the list goes on….

The same phase happened with us too, so here we are to help you out and let you out of all the confusions which you might be having before getting admissions and much more about our college.


The main building

Let’s start with the Infrastructure of the college. Well, as our college is in the vast campus of Civil so mostly people find it bit hard for the first time to find the college. But no matter to worry, once you’ll get to know then way is easy and any of the gate of the civil will easily lead you to our college.

Our college is divided into various departments and labs according to the subjects of various years respectively. The main building is having mainly the course of M.B.B.S. and other PG courses. For the rest of the courses there are other buildings of our college in the civil campus only like dental, nursing etc.


The roads to salvation !?

The best thing about our infrastructure is that there’s everything required for the complete study of any subject like the labs, tutorial rooms, lecture theatres an everything is very well-organised.


The corridors where memories are made

Like in the first year we’re having a separate dissection hall offering human cadavers for the study purpose. Likewise, we are also having practical labs for subjects like histology, physiology, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology and rest of the other subjects with well-equipped instruments relevant to the subjects.

The lecture theatres are also huge and air-conditioned and can accommodate 120-250 students.

Then comes the MCQ lab. Yes, we do have a MCQ lab where there are various sets of question papers in the software of our college and at regular intervals our college takes the MCQ exams other than the written and viva exams. This keeps students updated to the upcoming exam patterns like NEET.

With all the well-equipped labs and lecture theatres the most important thing that any student wants to know is how the way the lectures are taken and how the way the faculty is going to teach us. So here’s the answer to that. The lectures are taken either in the morning sessions or in the noon hours depending on your year of pursuing the course. The professors are having their self-made presentations, with all the relevant and useful information and that also with all the relevant figures fetched from not just one but all of the best literature available in that particular subject. The lectures also help you to guide :

  • How to study?
  • What to study?
  • The paper styles of university exams!!
  • How to present your content in an appropriate manner?
  • What has to be there in your answers and what not?

But to gain the benefits of all these things you must be regular with your attendance. Yes, our college is strict about that but in the end its also beneficial.

Exam pattern…

Now lets have some light over the exam schedules and patterns. So our college is taking various exams appropriate with the year and course that you’re pursuing. It includes :

  • Viva
  • Ward end exams
  • Part end exams
  • Internal exams
  • Prelims (Just before university exams)
  • Interactive sessions (In the concerned subjects)
  • Group discussions

On the basis of above mentioned exams our college does the assessment of the internal marks which are going to be added to your university exam scores. The schedules of various exams are regularly being displayed on the notice board of the respective departments.

Faculty : the pillars of every educational institute!”

Then the question that’s obvious before getting into any educational institute is that “How’s the faculty there?” Well, there’s no matter to worry as our college is having the best and well-experienced faculty members here. All the professors here are just not teachers but you can also call them to be human libraries but its up to you that how much you can gain from them.

So as its said that,

“When in doubt go to library and all you have to know is the location of library!”

Here comes the source of information that every college should have so for that our college is having a very good library where you can find various books related to your subject. There are also various reading rooms in our college where students can read the books after getting them issued from the library. Personally saying people study here more than they do at home/hostel.

“Storehouse of memories : college canteen, which not only serves food but also serves you with all the gossips!”

So that’s all about the teaching and study section but infrastructure of every college is incomplete without its storehouse of memories…yes,I’m talking about college canteen!! The place where you not only find the food but also friends and lots of memories to cherish. The canteen serves here good food and its the most hustling-bustling place of the college where lots of events and fun takes place every day.


The most awaited fest of our college!!

Talking about our annual fest BJ Beats, it is the most awaited event of medico multiverse. Students across the state participate in the fest and showcase their talents. Be it music or dance, rangoli or art, poetry or photography, we provide stage to awake latent prosperity of students. Be it inspiration by motivational speakers or good vibes by celebrity and DJ night, it helps us to get rid of our monotonous life and helps us to develop all the facets of life.

The newly built auditorium of our college is also the main platform for every event, seminars,conferences and various other cultural and prize distribution programmes going on in our college which brings out the best out of the students and also helps to set out their hidden talents apart from studies.

“Sports! Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! ”

If you have eaten a lot in canteen, don’t worry and get ready to loose some weight. Because we have our workout place just near the canteen. Being medical professionals, we do believe that we can have a healthy mind only when we have a healthy body. So in the sports section, we have badminton court, table tennis court, carrom boards and obviously cricket and football grounds. Some inter college tournaments are also organized. Along with the dribbling of ball, banging of bats and swooshing sound of shuttlecock, these places are filled with college gossips to world politics, Olympic talks to filmy fudge and lots of cheers. We fall, we lose but it is surely a place to learn. And last but not the least, hostel!!

“Student life is called golden period, but this golden period is incomplete without experiencing hostel life.”

Hostel : a place where you make home, away from your home and family out of friends. Apart from nursing, dental and PG hostels, BJMC has 2 boys’ hostels for UG students, 2 hostels for interns and 1 girls’ hostel. Some buildings are old and some are new. With its cracks and fissures, rats and cats, it is the place every hostellite is going to miss. Be it 12 AM birthday celebration or last night exam preparation, mess food or TV room, small-big quarrels or gossiping sessions!

“Can seniors be our friends!!!?”

The answer lies here…

Medical field is based on healthy senior-junior relationship. Ragging has almost been eliminated. Apart from studies, seniors also help their juniors with the problems they are facing in their life. Hostel provides the best place to interact with seniors and in these ways, seniors are more likely to be friends here. In the end, white coat demands lots of dedication and hard work. From bones to cadavers, wards to patients, we have filled our college life with lots of knowledge, fun and experiences.

Let’s secure all these moments in our heart, because we know our heart will surely want to dissolve in its memories!

For more details about admission and the college you can contact:

Jyoti Gadhvi

Phone: 9998465636


*Picture Credits: Kathan Patel


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