Know Your College – MS University, Vadodara (IFT) – Rashmi Kothari

Hey! I am Rashmi Kothari, currently residing in Vadodara, a 2nd year student of Fashion Communication under IFT (Institute of Fashion Technology) department of MS University.

Hello friends! Are you excited to launch into a new phase of your life: your college life? If yes; then pause your excitement and if no; just get ready for such excitement.
The Maharajah Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara is a public university in Gujarat state. It is the only university in Gujarat whose medium of instruction is English for all courses. It has 14 different faculties, including IFT (Institute of Fashion Technology). It had been graded ‘A’ consistently by NAAC but in the year 2016-17, the grades rolled down to ‘B’. In spite of location of different faculties, it is proven to be as the best one. The M.S. University is known for its education, not only in the Gujarat state but all over the world. Students from different countries approach here, for higher studies.

This was an overall view of MS University.

Separately talking about a particular department is comparative and useful. I am gonna talk about the IFT department, where I study. This is a newly added program, started in 2013-14.

IFT is sub-divided into 3 courses:

  • Fashion Communication
  • Garment Technology
  • Textile and Designing

It is a bachelor degree course. IFT department is built in Home Science campus but is totally different from it. IFT students are trying to create their own identity as an IFTian.


The IFTians

Talking about campus, it is very well structured with its own parking area. The entrance is beautifully colored followed by stairs. It has 12-15 lecture halls including media room, textile designing lab and an Amphitheatre. Frankly speaking, there is no other better place than the Amphitheatre to hangout. All the events of IFT are organized here only. It does not have a working canteen, just a room in the name of canteen. Students visit Home Science canteen. It was started just 4 years ago, so the facilities are not satisfactory and well enough. No proper drinking water facility, no AC, no Wi-Fi, but the surrounding and the environment in the college keep the students intact. It shares its library facility with Home Science department and has sports facilities like football ground, basketball ground in common for the whole University. It also provides hostel facility, to which my experience is almost null.
Now, coming to the faculty and events, professors are very encouraging, motivating and very helpful. They are highly educated and professional. They do call visiting faculty for training purpose and providing practical knowledge in a particular field. They put their efforts to the best advantage. They impart practicality in their subject by organizing workshops, exhibitions. In 1st year, we had a denim workshop, where we had been taught how to make accessories using old denim, clay modeling workshop, film making workshop. We even had a visit to museum and faculty of fine arts.


One of the many projects of the students

If teachers are the trunks, then students are the branches who take education to another level. Students are the key element in an education field. Their strength lies in their unity. Initially, there was no student committee but with the need and requirement, this year we had made a student committee name after our department “IFT Crew”, which consists of more than 150 members. In the short pace of time, they had beautifully managed the Holi festival and hoping for the best in upcoming festival and events. We also celebrated valentine day, turning it into different days like traditional day, tapori day (the featured image) and mismatch day.


The college also organizes educational trip every year. In the previous year, we went to Jodhpur, which was a memorable trip and an experiencing one. Though under Fashion Communication course, we have subjects like craft documentation, which gives you an opportunity to travel across India to hunt for the craft, which is either extinct or on the verge of extinction and do research on it including searching for the ways to promote it. Another subject like technical drawing, exhibition display and design, visual merchandise provide us the practical knowledge.
As Fashion Communication is a practical subject, thus sometimes it may increase the work pressure on the students. Professors are very particular towards the work, assignment and attendance of the student. Though seniors are very supporting and helping, in nature. It brings a good knowledge and experience.

I have lovely friends, helping faculties and supportive seniors. I really enjoy the college days. It is full of fun, knowledge and excitement. Each night brings some curiosity that what will be taught us next. Several opportunities for career are like, visual merchandiser, fashion choreographer, fashion forecaster, accessories designer, fashion retailer, fashion photographer and many more.



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