Know Your College – S.E.A.S. – Himol Shah

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Ahmedabad University (Previously known as IET)

Hey everyone, I am Himol Shah, currently studying in 3rd Year ICT at SEAS(formerly IET), AU. In this two years which I have spent here, I have experienced contentment, satisfaction, high spirits, developed true friendship, have got to know people and many more things. I would like to share some facts about my college.

Let me start from Academics.
For B.Tech. 3 courses are taught here:
1) Information and Communication Technology Engineering
2) Mechanical Engineering
3) Chemical Engineering
with ICT getting filled the first, followed by Mechanical and Chemical

All the nervousness, anxiety, anticipation of so many days was washed out and feeling of relief, joy and pleasure took over. It was certainly the only thing, I kept on hoping for in last few days and felt super contended as it happened. From everyone, I consulted, who
were familiar with the background of the college, one thing was for sure, this college offers something unique and in upcoming years it will evolve and get on to a whole new level.

Academics are considered important but not the most important aspect. Project Based Learning is emphasized more rather that covering and completing syllabus. We are given at least one project based on what we are taught in the course. The professors ensure that we apply the theoretical knowledge gained from the course in the
Some projects need interdisciplinary contributions. Like to design a Robot, the mechanical part is take care by Mechanical Engineering students, while the interfacing and software areas are taken care by ICT Engineering students. Students are taught to work on softwares which are currently being used in the industry.

A well-equipped library, located in the basement and on the ground floor creates a perfect environment to encourage learning. Labs are usually open for students to work, learn and research. With equipments costing just over 2 crores, I can proudly say that we have the most upgraded, well invested and resourceful Communications
Research Lab in Gujarat. Frequent seminars delivered by people from the industry or were the part of it once, so as students get to know about recent trends, technologies, what companies expect from employees, work ethics going on in the industry.
Apart from studies, there is an Indoor Sports Room equipped with T.T. Tables, a few Chess Boards and Carrom Boards located in the basement. A grass garden on one of the sides serves a perfect place for a quick football or cricket match.

A canteen on the ground floor is spacious and good food at nominal rates is served. Quality of food is ensured to be good. It really feels like heaven while having tea at 5 in the evening and bread butter at 9 in the morning. As a part of infrastructure, the entire building is centrally A.C. including Canteen and Sports Room. Almost 8 labs including labs of all the departments are well-equipped with top-class machinery. Most of the Research Labs are used by the UG Students.
Talking about the peers, I need to say this: people, I met here thrive for knowledge, help each other no matter what and have great intrinsic motivation to learn new things. Peer-to-peer learning is well practiced here.

P-Club, the programming club is one of the most active students’ club in SEAS. Meetings regularly happen on Wednesdays and quality discussions take place. Students are supported by the professors too and as a part of it, a series of projects undertaken by the professors, the Under Graduate Research Projects are offered to students. So, the UG students can directly become a part of a Research Project and explore the field
from the very beginning of engineering. Professors are very well experienced and well versed in their respective domains. Many of them are researching in their domains.
However, one thing goes without saying: If you don’t have an empty stomach, no one can feed you. The students need to themselves work on and gain knowledge. Spoon
feeding is not done here. Seniors are really supportive and help the juniors in every possible way. Not a single incident of ragging has yet been reported in the
college. Separate hostels for boys and girls are built near the college. Many
students yet prefer to stay in PGs though.

SEAS conducts 3 festivals annually:
1) Ingenium: The Tech Fest
2) Aaghaaz: The Cultural Fest
3) Dynamos: The Sports Fest


In Ingenium, technical workshops, guest seminars, coding competitions, quizzes, hackathons(24 hrs), robot wars and races are conducted. Every year couple of new events is are conducted. Aaghaaz is an exciting one. Students perform and showcase their talents in front of the crowd. Music Bands and performers from across the country are invited to perform as a part of this fest. Last year, Astitva, a Band from Delhi performed in the campus. We also have a rampant music club of our college. Many sports like Shot put, Kabbadi, Tug-of-War, Athletics happen during Dynamos. It is mainly made up of 3 leagues: the Cricket League, Football League and Volleyball League.

Celebration of Navratri and Holi also happen in the college. Once in two years, Food Fest is planned, however, happening of it remains uncertain. As SEAS is the part of Ahmedabad University, students get to access Venture Studio, an organisation which helps and funds startups. Recently, SEAS has become a member of A-League, which is a league of prestigious colleges in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. IIM A, DA-IICT, IIT Gandhinagar are some members of it.


The college is located amidst greenery besides CEPT, just opposite to A.G. Teachers School. The college itself is the GICT Building, the Central Building of Ahmedabad University.

I would also like to list out some aspects which are not up to the par in SEAS. Our in house faculties are best, but we are facing a tough time to engage visiting faculties. Not all visiting faculties are diligent and deliver the course very well. We are still paving the path, so it will take sometime to build a strong reputation. Frequent changes in name of the college have caused hindrance in matters of admission for masters of students.
Concluding, I would like to say that, here at SEAS, you won’t come up as just an Engineering Graduate. You will ​Engineer​ something, develop and innovate something and that’s where the real engineering lies.
An article on SEAS, AU:

We are still young, but we will grow big.


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