Know Your College – L.J. Institute – Naisargi Joshipura

L.J.I.E.T – Not Just a Name.

We have a known writer who also has written before for our platform. She was a winner in the Originating Ideas Writing Competition that we had held in December. She is back again telling us about L.J. Institute of Engineering. Let’s read what she has to say about this college…..

College, it’s a haven of feelings and experiences. Also, it’s a way to discover the endless opportunities waiting to shape us up in a building. It’s where life awaits a new us. More so, it’s self-explanatory and with welcoming arms always.

My college, LJIET Ahmedabad ranks among the top GTU-affiliated universities. The sprawling campus is home to ignited minds. The institute’s main aim has always been all-round development of the individual. The teaching methodology is at par and has delved a lot in the students’ overall academic performance. Toppers in GTU are synonymous to LJ students. The labs, the technology used, the equipment and the help received by teachers are all beneficial in achieving conceptual success related to studying. The time span of the institute stretches from 8:45 a.m. to almost 2 p.m., but there is allowance for students to remain after teaching hours to clear some of their doubts, readiness of professors is always there whenever students ask doubts after lecture hours. LJIET undoubtedly provides homely experience when it comes to teaching. There are internal exams taken twice, and the marks-criteria isn’t that arduous.

Speaking of the fun parts, the LJIET has an actively-interesting Students Community. It is called LJSC, the full form being L.J. Students’ Corner. The LJSC community organizes special days-celebration in the semesters, Interactive and fun Quizzes based on various famous shows or anything publicly tangible and manages the college magazine, LFA. The LFA is managed by various organizers for the funding and various writers. LFA stands for L.J. Fetialis Aevum. LFA is conducted through a writing competition where those interested for being features as writers in the magazine, send their write-up to the e-mail ID concerned with the magazine. The editors and core team of LJSC and LFA decide the best out of the submitted entries. LFA itself is highly Interactive with the students. Students of all semesters have their articles published in it. LJSC also plays a key role in various events, the coveted Annual Function being one among many. LJSC is rightly the “Rainbow of LJIET”.


Cultural Nights

Hangouts, Bunks and getting caught are a given when it comes to colleges. And LJIET proudly isn’t an exception. There are hangout places like the main ground situated in the midst of LJ campus, the quaint little café joints just outside and even the stairs of the facing college, LJ Institute of Architecture. Students often sit there and engulf themselves in the long prevalent trend ~ #Selfie , #Groupie and many creative hashtags of the related activities. The hangout places mentioned herein are never empty of crowds. Also, the Chinese food shack near the LJIET is a huge attraction to the crowd.

Hostel facility isn’t available but students often put up information related to guest homes on some notice boards available near the Admin Office. Speaking of which, I must not forget to mention the admin office. The staff is extremely generous in helping and shares bits of information in getting our work done easily.

LJIET has shone bright in many GTU competitions. “Black Hawk” – mechanically driven car has been on the upfront of students shining bright in GTU related activities. LJIET’s optimum opportunities for the students has made it possible.

I end up saying, with full genuineness, “LJIET is not an institute, it’s an emotion…”


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