Know Your College – Nirma Tech – Shivam Patel

Shivam Patel – one of our very own writers’. He doesn’t ned any introduction. He writes about Institute of Technology, Nirma University today. Read on to find out what he has to say about it.

Randomly walking amidst seemingly never ending lush green trees chasing the patches of sunlight which peep through them – is an experience which any Nirma student could relate to. Situated as a part of 125 acre campus of Nirma University, the Institute of technology offers Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) degree programme in the following 8 engineering disciplines :

  1. Computer
  2. Information Technology(IT)
  3. Electrical
  4. Mechanical
  5. Civil
  6. Chemical
  7. Electronics and Communication(EC)
  8. Instrumentation and Control (IC)

Masters of technology (M.Tech programmes) are also offered from all 8 departments with some along with their sub specialisation. PhD programs is also offered more over the topic of study is based upon the availability of the guide.
The college campus is divided into 6 Blocks namely A, B, C, D in which the different departments are located along with W the Mechanical Workshop and K Block is the canteen.

The layout of the campus is symmetric. We have a huge Amphitheatre, a cricket ground, facilities for Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball and Football, a separate Building – “Student Activity Centre” which is house to indoor games like – Chess and Table Tennis.


Student Activity Centre

However, it is worth mentioning that Nirma is quite strict and rigid about its rules and hence obtaining permission for playing these sports could be a challenging task. We also have a gym. The campus has in all 3 canteens – One is the K canteen and canteens of Institute of Law and Pharmacy. These canteens are purely vegetarian and serve a variety of food which also include Chinese and good Punjabi food along with several other items in addition they are quite neat and clean and hence became the ideal place to hang out.


One of the labs

Also, the respective blocks have their own well-equipped laboratories along with proper and an assisting staff. The institute has a commom library which contains various technical and non-technical books and the system of issuing and returning is very methodical hence enabling the students in a richer study experience. This leads us to the actual academics of the institute which is pretty rigorous. The attendance expected is 85% in all courses which is pretty high, though only less 65% would get you detained – Nirma is extremely strict about attendance. Moreover, the syllabus of the various branches is designed so that the student is at par with colleges of National Importance. We have 3 examinations per semester : ClassTest, mid-sems and Semester-End each of them have considerable impact in the final grade of the subject. To incorporate innovation in learning all subjects taught have an innovative assignment associated with it in which students are expected to present something innovative based on the coursework they did. For the post graduate students focus in encouraging them to pursue research by arranging expert talks. Though the research work in the college by students is quite less, due to some brilliant and highly motivated professors so students do get opportunities. Placements here are managed pretty well thanks to the III Cell(Industry Institute Interaction Cell) a lot of multinational companies(like Intel, Amazon) as well huge national companies come here for placements.


One of the many seminars

With this said, it doesn’t at all mean that Nirma is a place only for geeks. We have an amazing student community. The interactions between seniors and juniors is so free that we never feel there is any age difference. The student communities have amazing clubs- like RCNI, ISTE, AUGEN, IEEE, CSI etc which include technical clubs, cultural clubs, hobby clubs. They round the year organize various events like quizes, 100s of different and innovative competitions. All the major clubs have their own Grand Fest. During these fests the campus is decorated by the students added with workshops games, competitions, food stalls ,amazing concerts and endless fun filled memories. Then there is NUzeal (The college cultural fest) in which we have singing, dance, drama, poetry and many other competitions to nurture those talents in the students. Its like every other month there is major fest of some club and the campus is full of life. There is Annual Sports day where we have inter-branch, inter-institute competitions. On the technical side of things Nirma has been leading participant in robot making contests such as Robocon, SAE-BAJA, etc. on the national level hence a lot of faculty support, encouragement and huge funding is given to the students. Hence, whomsoever you may be whatsoever your interests may be Nirma has got you covered through the club activities all year long.

The college for its B.Tech student doesn’t have hostel facilities hence the students stay in PGs and various hostels nearby and in the city. To compensate this Nirma has one of the biggest college bus network with over 40 buses spanning entire Ahmedabad and some parts of Gandhinagar. Meanwhile, for the M.Tech and PhD students they have hostel faculties which admit on merit and at time first cum first serve basis. The buses, hostels, canteens, classrooms, lawns, campus everything is very clean and sincere effort is made by the cleaning staff who work 3 shifts a day. Talking about the experience over all it’s an amazing one. No doubt rules are pretty strictly followed and attendance sometimes hinders us from being part of the amazing stuff that happens on campus, the last days of the semesters are absolutely tiring and yes we have concept of extra lecture like tuitions in Nirma too! Yet it is a memorable experience to be here, to study here and out of everything really adore the amazing group of people and ideas which originated from here.

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