Know Your College – UWSL – Esha Maken & Shreya Ahuja

Order…Order !! Words we have only heard in the movies but they experience them everyday. We have another college from the field of law today. United World School of Law. One of the writers’ writing (Esha Maken) has been published before on our website and the other Shreya Ahuja is on the platform for the first time. Let’s see what this lawyered duo has in store for us.


The sprawling campus


‘Law’ as a career after 12th is not a quotidian and when it comes to legal education we don’t have many world-class colleges. And among the handful colleges which provide ‘world-class’ legal education, comes ‘United World School of Law’.
UWSL also awarded as the Fastest emerging law school of India, has a short history of 3 years but a long list of achievements in this short period.

Some Pictures of the Campus

It is located in Gandhinagar and has a lush green campus.The campus is so beautifully designed, that as you enter the University the vibes of positivity follow you. As the college comes under Karnavati campus, students get to interact with other students of different fields like dentistry, management, fashion and mass media.
Starting from education, legal studies in UWSL is not just mugging up articles and sections of statutory law. But the expert faculties from around the world makes the learning more of a practical education. For college is in association with many foreign universities, students here get opportunity to have guest lectures from the experts of particular field. UWSL also takes keen interest in placements and arranges internship at top law firms for its students for which it has separate placement department.

MUNs, Mock Court Trials, Seminars are a common affair

As Law schools are known for activities, UWSL has always taken intiative to arrange large number of activities for its students. Activities like Moot Court, MuN, debate, quiz are conducted on regular basis. Also, all this is organised by the committee having students and teachers.

Some Pictures of the activities held

Students of UWSL takes part enthusiastically in the cultural fest of Karnavati University.
Hostel is located in the campus with all the facilities for accommodation, food and security.

There are 2 canteens for all the students in University providing tasty and healthy food.
Since law affects the life of all the individuals, students from United World arrange legal camps to provide legal education to underprivileged people.
UWSL is a promising institute, where students and teachers both work together for the progress of students, University and our nation ‘India’, which need some great lawyers for the progress.⁠⁠⁠⁠


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