Know Your College – P.D.P.U. – Khushboo Lakhwani

Khushboo Lakhwani is an electrical engineering student at P.D.P.U. She shares her experience of two years with her with us today. She has written earlier for the platform too during the Originating Ideas Writing Competition.

“It is just for the rich spoiled brats”, this is what I read about my college on the Quora app and decided not go there anytime as I am not spoiled and definitely not that rich!!

But I decided to attend the counselling procedure because the university stands 55th in India and 1st in Gujarat according to NIRF, and Mukesh Ambani is the chairman. And then if not only did it’s stupefying campus modify my thoughts for university, the people here also did.

HOSTEL LIFE – the best experience!!

Admission process was done, I was already captivated and brainwashed by the greenery here.

And so I selected electrical engineering as my stream here, let me start with hostel part- I being a non-gujarati received utmost love from Gujju people, they are so sweet with their actions, language and everything, a lovely and hearty welcome is what I experienced.

Other than rooms which are worth spending for, the hostel is equipped every single facility. We enjoy so much by celebrating birthdays, end of exams, beginning of new semester and every single delight moment.



Now, the main heart of the college the classes are air-conditioned, the faculty and staff is supportive and you can learn so many things if you want to, trust me on that. There is the 80% attendance rule that would drag you to classes for some initial days after which you would willingly go there and this would turn into a routine but don’t worry you won’t be bored on any day, as campus has so much to offer.

COLLEGE CAFETERIA (a place I love)


So, we have a huge cafeteria space where we get breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner, so much of food; the food is okay, brilliant on weekends but the staff they live to serve you.

Refer my answer:

This happens just in PDPU!

Sit, eat, go to college, eat and repeat.



We have magnificent cricket, volleyball and football grounds, basketball and lawn tennis courts, space for table tennis, badminton, etc.

So alluring is the beauty of university is that I spent first week just appreciating the place and admiring entire campus and after one year there, I still haven’t visited all of it.

We have benches kept in shades at each corner to sit, talk, laugh, share and make friends!!


Then there is wifi bench where you can catch best wifi speed and of course the most essential place in college is:

The Lakshman Rekha:

Wondering what is it, it’s the place outside girls hostel beyond which boys are not allowed, here you get morning hugs, good night gestures and again morning meet ups. You can sit for hours together with your friends, this place has such affirmative vibes.



We have a splendid auditorium in campus where most events take place, its huge, it’s captivating.

About the clubs:

Our college has a club about everything say it singing, dancing, cooking, photography, literature, coding etc. Name a hobby of yours and we have club for it, these clubs are just as icing over the cake of the college experiences.


The most wonderful days of my 1 year in college were Petrocup and Flare days. They leave you spellbound, so much talent in 3 days of flare(cultural fest) and petrocup(sports fest) makes you feel you are between the right bunch of people, and if you have some talent to showcase there, numerous opportunities await for you.

And coming back to square one, coming to PDPU was the best decision for me, hope it helps you too.

Oh I forgot to mention these little friends you get there…


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