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Now you see me 2-Movie review

Now You See Me 2 … A sequel of the movie Now You See Me is a story of 5 magicians ( also known as the horsemen ) who set out on a journey to learn the secret behind true magic and the all seeing eye. The story revolves around the magicians performing dangerous and extremely well planned tricks in Macau as well as London . The tag line AN EYE FOR AN EYE is so true. Due to some reasons the magicians are outclassed by a villain from the prequel and then having a very unexpected person coming to their aid is one of the unique twists in the movie. All the tricks shown in the movie are just phenomenal and are all revealed at the end of the movie.
P.S – The actress Lizzy Caplan just looks as stunning as ever.


Want to see two insomniacs fighting for their life and their recognition in the society ? Want to see a drug-addict police officer in search of a psychopath who has committed 41 murders? Want to see the sex life of the mid 60’s? Do you enjoy the violence and tricks of the murderers? If the answer of all these questions is yes then Raman Raghav 2.0 is the film you gotta see. The thrill of the chase will bring you to the edge of your seats and the hilarious and solid dialogues of Nawazzudin Siddiqui will leave you in peals of laughter. Nawazzudin is at his best once gain and all actors have done a great job. Not for the ones of a weaker heart, this movie is a sure see for the ones who love movies on real life stories and who don’t get scared by violence.
P.S.: Maybe think about taking your girlfriend along with you, coz she ain’t gonna leave your hand for the whole movie. 😉


Runaway……A story of 5 guys and a girl who run away from their homes for reaching out to the glamour and glitz of London that they have only seen in the movies and heard about in the conversations of the people. Setting out on a dangerous journey they face several evils on the way and even when they reach their dreams those things are going to haunt them forever. The tagline HURT WILL HAUNT YOU is so true. Due to some dangerous circumstances they are forced to return back to their home in Scotland but three of them stay back to pursue their futures there. But 50 years later a violent death brings the former friends together and once again history repeats itself. Find out the mysterious circumstances of this death and it’s solution in this fiction novel by Peter May. One thing we learn is: Never have regret in your life coz it’s like slow poison, consumes you completely and kills you in the end!!!