Educational Tips and Tricks


A time-table is a key element to success; it not only manages your time but it helps in managing you and your personality.

Make daily; weekly and monthly time tables. All tests; assignments whatever you have to do. Set a limit which you have to cross and one day you will surely achieve your goals. Leisure times should also be included in these time tables and not just studies.

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Make charts you have 4 walls in your room. When are you gonna use them???? Make charts of everything you wanna remember or memorize.
Read them whenever you get free time. After a while you yourself will be surprised at the results!


Social media is a useful tool if used properly. As always science will always pose the question of boon or bane in this world. In the end its up to us how we use it. Find more information on this link.


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Breaks are as necessary as constant study hours. Assess yourself and know how long you can study without picking up your phone or doing any other time-pass. Continue and increase these hours, slowly and steadily but surely you will reach your goal.