Know Your College – DAIICT – Pranjali Maru

Pranjali Maru is a student studying in the second year currently in DA-IICT. She is associated with Originating Ideas as a writer. More articles from this writer coming soon. If you like this article please comment and like below. Also please share this article too.

You have confirmed your seat in Dhirubhai Ambani Institute Of Information and Communication Technology.”

Was this the best ever sentence you heard that gave you uncontrollable happiness along with some anxiety and a million questions? Did you scrap your Facebook account to get hold of a senior so that you could know the in and out of the college you are getting into? Don’t worry! You are going through the same phase every student passes through. It is a journey, with loads of excitement and nervousness. Enjoy every bit of it, you are going to commemorate it forever. Here, you will find everything you should know about DA-IICT. Read this and live the beautiful life of DA (as you would come to call it if you are here).

Let us have a ride through the infrastructure of the college. The campus is midst wide greenery and beautiful lawns. Your first step into the campus, you are guaranteed to get lost into the wilderness. Nothing to worry about, there are sign boards at regular intervals to reach any place. There are two lecture halls having a capacity of around 300-350 students where most of the lectures of the first and second year will be held. There is another lecture hall which has a capacity of 120 which is used for special lectures. There is a lab building which consists of varied labs, equipped with all the instruments which you can think of. Here you would find a lab for each subject starting from the coding labs to the high performance computing labs to the electronics lab. Sometimes you may get frustrated with the unavailability and the lack of quality of the instruments, but I assure you that will be a rare scenario. There is a general purpose lab open to all where you can complete all your work, specially in the first semester when you won’t be allowed to bring laptops. Next is the CEP block, the Continuing Education Program block. It is known as ‘Baccho ka Ghar’! There are well-equipped class rooms and other offices where along with the classes, various club orientations, meetings, discussions, workshops and hands-on-sessions are held.

In DA-IICT there is a cafeteria unlike the mess system, 6 counters and our very own coffee bar. You will find yourself sitting in heaven. The beauty of the place is fascinating and relaxing. After a long tiring day, having dinner in the heart of nature with a fountain in the middle will make your mind calm and relaxed. The overall food quality is pretty good. You will find all the varieties of food items in one or the other canteen, there is a non-veg counter too. I promise you will spend the best of times in the cafe. There is a club house, a Student Activity Center(SAC) for various sports ranging from badminton, table tennis, carom, chess and also it has a gym with all the facilities that you can think of. The sports culture is highly appreciated in the college. There is a football field, basketball court, volleyball court and also the cricket ground. Also, there is an Open Air Theater which is a jewel to the college. Various cultural events are held there throughout the year. OAT brings out the best from the people, removes stage fear and provides mammoth opportunities to the students to excel in other extra-curricular activities.


The grounds.

Next comes the hostels or as we call them Hall-of-Residence! There are separate HORs for men and women. There are 8 wings in the boys hostel and 2 wings in girls hostel. There are twin sharing rooms with common washrooms on each floor. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary amenities.

Remember, you are living in hostel and not hotels.”

But your rooms and hostel will eventually turn into your first homes. You will enjoy hostel life to its fullest and the major learning part of your college life will happen in those rooms. Next is the Resource Center, the library to say it in a laymen language. There are two wings in RC. It is declared as one of the richest libraries. You will find solutions to every problem in the huge and rich collection of books, magazines. There is a digital library too. Reading area for self study, both AC and non-AC, becomes a boon during exam times. Apart from this, there are faculty blocks where you can approach the professors in person to solve any sort of query and the Admin building where you can go for any problem ranging from a lost ID-card to getting a bonafide certificate. But sometimes be ready to wait for a long time or even coming back twice or thrice

Normally the college life starts with one-week long orientation for the freshers. The lecture theatre will be completely full on the first day, parents ready with minute and concerned questions. As days will pass, you find the rows of theatre getting emptied. But don’t miss the orientation session. Some may sound boring and hard to sit through, but they are necessary for the future life at DA. Soon after the orientation session, there will be commencement of lectures and labs. Apart from that, your mail accounts will be flooded from the invitation-to-orientation sessions from various clubs and committees. And you will be introduced to the actual talent of DA. You may feel inferior looking at the bright and talented students in the class, knowing every answer to the question that the professor asks, you will feel worst when you will realize that you have forgotten some of the basic concepts that you learned in 12th grade just few months ago. This is the time when you should focus a few hours on studying. Don’t think that coming to college will give you wings and you will study on last day to get a 10 pointer. This is DA. If you are not able to cope with the class, you will have to put some hours from the beginning of the sem. There is attendance system in few lectures where proxies won’t be helpful. There will labs in the afternoon from 2 to 5. These labs if done properly will prove to be very helpful in your studies. You can’t get better seniors. They will prove to become your idols. They will be there anytime you need them, you can ask doubts to them, you can torture them asking for all gossips happening around in the campus. They are not seniors basically, they will become your best of friends. There will be sessions held, myriads of them just to teach you, to solve your queries. They will dedicate so much time just for you to cope up with everyone.

There will be many fests held round the year. Technical fest- i.Fest where you will get chance to exhibit your technical skills. Concours is a sports fest where teams from 20 different colleges come to participate every year. Next comes Gujarat’s biggest cultural fest – Synapse. It is a 4-day fest. You will find the college will bloom up, there will be so much liveliness in every corner. DA is recognized for this fest. You will get every opportunity to prove and excel. There will be singing, dancing, hip-hop, debate competitions all throughout the day and 4 nights where India’s greatest artists perform.

So this is the life of DA, you may cry when you come here as a fresher, leaving your home behind, but let the days pass by, you will wail like a small kid when you will have to leave the campus (and believe me I have seen seniors who do that).

Yahaan ki khushboo me hi kuch aisa hai jisse aapko isse pyaar ho jaaye!”

Go Enjoy, Live your Life!

You are definitely in right hands!


The famous Lotus Pond

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Let’s plunge together in ocean

Of memories,
are you ready to take bath in

Childhood reveries?
So here I go with my boats of thoughts to span the depth of this vast ocean with waves of school memories.

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