Do you set goals for yourself? What are your goals for the upcoming week? How about a month? 2 years from now? 5 years? Have you ever come across some of these questions?? I am sure you definitely did. You might have answered some of these questions to people around you by portraying the broad idea of what you want to do over the coming span of time. But deep inside your mind , you are aware that you haven’t clearly articulated it out as specific goals. Until you do this, you are not channeling your efforts properly.

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The 7 hacks to Success!

The word success has different meaning for all, but for everybody it’s about achieving a final goal. Keeping this in mind we present to you people out there a series on:

“The 7 Hacks to Success! “

Success the word has 7 letters and keeping this number in mind we give you 7 posts on 7 topics spanning over 7 weeks with new post on the 7th day of every week i.e. Sunday.


Starting on the 7th August and continuing till the 16th of September join us on this series for getting the best hacks to SUCCESS.

We at Originating Ideas welcome you for this treat……

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This is not just about students….. Each and every person facing the world out there will be benefited by these life-skills. Here we are not just talking about getting success in your examinations or tests (though some topics are related to that) but we are talking about getting success in life and in whatever you do.