School life: An ocean of Memories – Naisargi Joshipura


We are quite familiar with the title now… Hope you enjoy the musings of this writer too.






So yes, Here I am. Reminiscing on the memory lane. Well, actually not. Mum just woke me up from a beautiful flashback I had this morning. The never-ending stretches, the wrappers of mouth-watering delectable stuffs, the noise and the poise. If I can elongate the sentence, I’d finish the whole excerpt in one. It is, indeed, too good to be true. The place of many incidents is my Alma mater, my school.

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Overall Development v/s Marks, Marks, Marks – Riya Talwar


Don’t run behind success, run behind excellence….success is surely going to follow.

– 3 Idiots

Marks aren’t the only things in life. Overall development of the personality is also a necessity in this world and you have to develop it from the beginning itself.


Life of students these days is enthralling. Do you know what makes it so fascinating? I am sure you do! It’s the scoreboard which there lives have turned into, where they are knowingly or unknowingly competing with each other day in and day out, to get higher marks. Isn’t it captivating? For those out there who think it is, it’s time to change your mindset, because its better late than never! For others who are sheer hypocrites, pretending not to be part of the former crowd so as to be in your own self-defined good books yet constantly indulging in these scoreboard practices, its high time that you also stop getting involved in this. For the rest who aren’t part of this game’s scoreboard-either as a participant or as the team of the participant, I truly appreciate and respect you all for this and I hope you never intend to become one over the coming span of time.

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School Life: An Ocean of Memories – Esha Maken


Another writer reminiscing about her school days. A lighter article after such heavy ones. Those who are fresh out of school will surely enjoy reading these musings.


“School life!” These are not just two words but they include the most beautiful era of one’s life. How interesting life is! The same place where one cries to go at some point of his life, the same is the place for which the same person craves for going at some other point of his life. School life is such a phase which explains us very practically how we do not value the things we have with us and then suddenly after parting from that thing, we just recall, evoke and recollect attaining nothing but memories!
I would like to abridge these feelings of echoing memories into this short poem
of mine:

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Should educational decisions be taken by the government or the educators? – Kriti Upadhyay


An engineer, debater, writer, sports-person and much more. Read along one of our personal favorites in this competition as this writer takes a jibe at the educational system in India and it’s policy making practices.


Disclaimer: All these are personal thoughts and are not meant to offend anyone.

Education is the primary need for the development and overall healthy functioning of any country.  In the Indian context particularly education is of utmost importance because of the kind of history that we have had. Years and years of misguided beliefs and ignorance have led to us believing anything and everything that is imposed on us without really giving it a proper thought. With the kind of importance attached, education, its ways and dimensions have been debated time and again. These debates have their own importance because they compel people to analyze and question their own beliefs. They also provide with several new perspectives on any topic and hence they constantly work with the involvement of the people to bring out the best in any particular argument.

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Relationships and their effects on youth – Arnav Saha


Arnav Saha describes himself as just another one of us learning to live life. A great entrepreneur by nature this Bengali isn’t sweet but is a great critic of life. Read ahead to find out what this to be engineer thinks about relationships and stuff.

The writer has beautifully portrayed the problems of relationships and how to cope up with such issues. The thing here to understand is that guys and girls…. There is always a time for each and every thing in life. You shouldn’t just take things fast. Education is the foremost priority at this stage in your life. All the other stuff will follow later on.

P.S.: I just can’t understand why engineers are so obsessed with relationships?? – Akk


Someone once said –

There is a tide in the affairs of men.

Which, taken at the flood,

Leads on to fortune;

Omitted, all the voyage of their life

Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

On such a full sea are we now afloat.

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Relationships and their effects on youth – Khushboo Lakhwani


Khushboo Lakhwani… as the name says, fragrancing the world from 19 years… studying Electrical Engineering in PDPU. I laugh crinkly and live simply…


Truly said… Every day in our routine lives, we come across a massive number of people with whom we share diverse relationships. Some are solid, others are delicate. Some active, other passive. Some earnest, other dispassionate.

To sum up one person is compassed by plentiful of relations. A relation affects you either affirmatively or negatively.

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School Life : an ocean of memories – Jyoti Gadhvi


A medico by the profession and a writer by inspiration. Hear out thoughts from a to be doctor about her school days. School is a place which inspires you, motivates you and lads you on the way. Going to school isn’t an option or compulsion but a devotion. Get lost in this article remembering your school days.


“No one can look back on his school days and say with truth that they were altogether unhappy.”
Isn’t that so true? Yes, it is…!

Ah…! those school days, it’s delightful to start recollecting them with a little rhyme.
Let’s plunge together in ocean

Of memories,
are you ready to take bath in

Childhood reveries?
So here I go with my boats of thoughts to span the depth of this vast ocean with waves of school memories.

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Relationships and their effects on Youth – Rhea Gupta


An ambivert by nature, a young girl who is inspired by life and loves reading and writing in her free time.



I wish you were a dream,
As dreamy as a unicorn,
As ethereal as a house of chocolate,
But mostly as make-believe as a dream…
Then I wouldn’t have to regret every moment spent, rather wasted,
In those arms of yours that won’t let go,
Filled with those forged promises to stay by me,
And how you made me believe with each kiss on my cheek that you cared for me,
And as you planted your lips on mine, you said ‘I love you.’
Ha! Those words. Which once made my day, made me feel special. Are just another nightmare that doesn’t let me sleep.

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We are very glad to announce the winners of the Originating Ideas Writing Competition – powered by WiseL. It has been tough for the judges to decide a winner but these are the contestants who after a 15 day write up have come up against all odds to win the OIWC.

So without wasting much time I present to you the winners:

1st Prize: Rhea Gupta

2nd Prize: Jyoti Gadhvi

Consolation Prize:

Khushboo Lakhwani

Arnav Saha

Special Mention:

Arja Kakkad

Vishnu Sreenivas

Riya Talwar

Kriti Upadhyay

Naisargi Joshipura

Esha Maken

Thank you note from the founder:

This competition wouldn’t have been successful without the support of my parents, teachers and my team. I thank all the people who have supported us to make it this big. We strive to become better each day. A special thank you to the judges for their invaluable service and also to the sponsors WiseL and Rygbee without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. I would also like to thank all the participants who submitted such great articles and am sorry that couldn’t make everyone of them a winner. Our viewers have been a great support to us. Thank you.

Serving you,

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